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Trying to sit at the table earlier today was a disappointment. Not unexpected, but still.

One of the problems, your basic solid wood dining room chair.

I decided I needed to get out of the house. You cannot believe how enclosed I have felt over the last weeks. From being in bed all the time, to being able to be in bed, or on the couch. It's been so frustrating.

To be in the car, I had to put the seat down all the way so I could lay down wherever we went. Think about that, the feeling of helplessness.

We got in the car, I put the seat up, and then slightly back, and off we went, just driving around town. Windows open, not going anywhere in particular. It was glorious. I felt better than I have in almost a month. I thought about work, and sitting up at home and decided to head to Staples.

I found a comfortable chair. Sat in it for a good 10 minutes. No leg twinges, no pain. That chair is now sitting in our dining room.

I never had to lay down in the car. I was up the entire time.

I'm still weak, I still have a long ways to go, but we have a new thing now. We get out of the house every day for the next week. We go somewhere. I get out of the car and walk a bit.

Big step forward.
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I had a busy day yesterday. I went to pick up WSPA-3 and she and I went to Mayhem (local game store looking for a book), Target (to get Lizzie's present), Ames British Foods (for chocolate) and Dahls (for the cake). My legs held up well, my knee was no problem at all.

I took a bit of a nap when I got home, and then the party began.

It was a lovely evening. Much conversation, many funny stories and a bit of music.

My highlight, I started playing a piece that I am working on for Cheshire Moon and Jared joined in. I set down the foundation for him and he took off. A bit of soloing but mostly adding and augmenting over the chords I was playing. He was exceptional.

This morning my legs are sore, I had some problem sleeping last night because of them, but I feel great. My knee is not an issue at all today. I walked a lot and my legs are sore. It's one of those good pains. One of those "heading in the right direction" pains.

I do intend to take it very very easy today however.

Thank you Shari, Brad, Trish, Bryan, Jennifer, Sadie, Susan, Brian, Jack, Bill, Jolie and my kids, Ian, Jared and The Miss.

Finally, most important of all, the person the party was for, my lovely bride the fabulous Lizzie. I love you, happy birthday!
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I had a really bad day yesterday. Exhausted, restless. No sort of food tasted good. Just generally miserable. And the thing with the eye on top of that. I had already planned on staying home and I am very glad I did. I would not have coped with work yesterday.

Today is much better. I have the cane with me, but have hardly used it. I can walk better than I have in months. I'm still a bit tired, I still wear out easily, but great progress has been made. My knee really only hurts if I am not careful going down stairs. It does get harder to walk as the day goes along.
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It was a fairly bad weekend. I walked a little too much. I was already kind of tired. Sleep is being tricky as the weather changes back and forth. My knee aches more, but is easier to walk on. I also didn't get the cooling machine on my knee enough this weekend. I need to do that every night at the very least.

Over all I am doing better but it's been a little rougher the last couple of days.
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I went to the Doctor this morning and got the stitches out. Not having to have some sort of bandages on my knee is a marvelous thing. I just have little bandaids on now since there is always a little bit of a problem when you take out stitches but shouldn't need even those soon.

I had a marvelous morning with my love, of course she came with me. I could probably drive, but I intend to avoid it for a couple weeks yet. We laughed a lot, had a nice breakfast at Paneras. She has made this whole thing so much easier. We're coming up on two years living together this week. It both hardly seems that long and seems like we have always been together. This "us" continues to amaze me.

I did have the first thing like any real pain last night going up the back stairs into the house. I twisted myself somehow. Just a moment and no other problems since.

I'm tired today, but have a pretty free weekend so I can relax. I will get up to play some Wii games, I will spend plenty of time with my leg up and the cooling machine on. I may get my hand drum out, I may work on the drum brush gloves.

Jared has a music contest tomorrow, we will venture out and over to the HS to watch him play his solo. I missed a band concert last night, I just wasn't up to the walk through the school and sitting in tiny, cramped chairs in the auditorium for an hour and a half. Lizzie went and said it was very good. I hate missing things like that but it was necessary.

We got our taxes done last night. Good things coming from that.

I had yummy Kung Bao Chicken for lunch. I needed something like that. Lots of green peppers, celery and peanuts in it.

I'm tired, but I feel good.

Come to the party next week, it will be nice to see you.
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Doing ok today. I stayed home yesterday and that helped a lot. My knee is a little stiff and I am having some pain issues today, but still far less than before the surgery.

We have a busy evening, a very busy evening. Jared has a band concert, we are getting our taxes done, WSPA-3 has dance. It's going to be nuts.
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I pushed a little hard yesterday. Which means I am being sensible and staying home with my leg up today.

I generally did well all day. I can get around, I can walk without the cane if I need to, but it's a good idea if I don't. Today, though, my knee is a little achey and the rest of my body is rebelling as well. I need rest today.

This was originally posted on Dreamwidth, after which it wandered out to various other sites. Feel free to reply where ever you want. I should still see it.
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I pushed a little hard yesterday. Which means I am being sensible and staying home with my leg up today.

I generally did well all day. I can get around, I can walk without the cane if I need to, but it's a good idea if I don't. Today, though, my knee is a little achey and the rest of my body is rebelling as well. I need rest today.

Hi ho!

Mar. 5th, 2013 09:29 am
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I am back to work. We'll see how sitting at my desk all day works for me. So far no problems. I do have to have some things done for me. There is a fair amount of my work that involves me being on my feet. I'll find someone to do those things for me for the next day or so.
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I decided to stay home one more day. I didn't quite feel up to sitting at my desk at work all day.

My knee is even better today, less stiff and much stronger. Stairs are still slow, but much easier.

Lizzie went off to work and, if I know her, will be worried about me all day.

Breakfast as been managed as has a shower. I'm doing good.
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So, the midday report. I am doing way better than I thought this morning. I was right about a lot of the tiredness coming from being in bed too long. My knee is much stronger today than yesterday. I feel that I hardly need the cane, but I will continue to use it for several days at least. And I will make sure that it is handy at all times for a couple of weeks.

Stairs are less of a challenge. I tend to lead with my right leg when going up or down stairs and it is odd changing that, but I can manage quite well going up and slightly less well coming down, as long as I lead with my left.

I still think I have a long slog on this, but it will be much easier than it has been the last couple of months. The surgery was SO the right thing to do.
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I'm doing less well today, but more, I think, because I spent too much time in bed. Lizzie and I went to bed about 9 last night and didn't get up till 9 this morning. We're both a little wonky today.

We've both kind of shifted down the last 24 hours or so. After all the stress of the last few months, it's pretty natural.

I am uncertain about work tomorrow, I may attempt it. There is a chance that the weather will decide for us. Oh no, another day at home with my wife, what shall I do?

My knee is weaker without the Ace bandage around it, but still doing better. I have very little actual pain. Full recovery is going to take a long time. My body is in terrible shape, mostly due to not being able to walk well for several months. Walking is the priority now. I'll get to it as soon as I feel able. It's time to be moving.
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The big bandage is off my leg. There are three very small entry places for the surgery. My knee is swollen a little, but they gave me a cooling machine which works way better than ice. I have showered. I feel SO much better now.


Mar. 2nd, 2013 09:20 am
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I had a good day yesterday. I can put weight on my knee, but I'm also very careful about it. I didn't wear out through the day as I did most days before the surgery. My energy level is way up.

I didn't sleep as well last night, but still ok.

I feel great again today. I think that the worst trauma I suffered from the surgery was the feeling of enclosure. Hospital beds were not designed for human beings. That and all of the stuff that they stick you with and pile on you. The oxygen mask is the worst part. I wasn't able to sit on the couch yesterday for much more than an hour before I had to get up and move.

My major problem is that I can't put the foot rest on the couch down by myself. My right leg doesn't deal with the stress and I can't put it down with my left leg alone, so that adds to the feeling of enclosure. I can still get off the couch, but it takes a fair amount of work on my own.

I do get to take a shower today, for which, I would imagine, Lizzie is very grateful.

I am definitely better today. My knee is a tiny bit more stiff and sore, but only a little. I can walk better.

I expect to get back to work on Monday. There is a downside to everything.
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I am doing great this morning. My body needed this to happen so badly. I slept well but fitfully. The cats were a little more interactive than I needed last night, but were still very sweet.

When I got home I sat up for a bit, but then needed a bit of a nap. The couch isn't quite wide enough for my arms to be comfortable so I had Ian put up the foot rest. Helvetica then came and laid there in front of me, some so he could get skritches, but also because he is the protector in this house. If someone isn't doing well, he watches over them. He took it to a little bit of an extreme last night, thus the fitful sleeping.

I am getting around great. The Doctor said that I will know how much I can and can't do. After the surgery is still way better than the first month or so with the tear. I can walk, I can put weight on my leg, but I try to minimize it. But overall, I feel great. I woke up this morning almost 10 hours after I had taken the most recent pain med and I had no real pain. I have a higher energy level and higher level of alertness than I have had in weeks.

I can't have a shower till sometime late tomorrow. This may be the worst part. I hate missing my morning shower.

Currently I am sitting at the dining room table. The couch makes me feel constricted. I like having my feet up, but can't put the rest back down myself. Yeah, I am a bit of a control freak.

I think I woke up during the surgery, I will find out about that next week.

The main thing is that I can now start back towards feeling better. I can start back towards getting in shape.

Lizzie is a rock, as always. She knows what I need, she knows when to stand back. She is puttering around in the kitchen at the moment. I don't think I can ever make it clear how much she means to me.

Thank you everyone for your kind words the last couple of days. It means a lot.

More as thing progress.


Jul. 11th, 2012 11:28 am
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I've been doing a little stick work the last few days, but no serious playing. I took a break, went upstairs and plugged my iPod into my electronic set and played along with some Concrete Blonde. It felt amazing, no numbness, no grip problems. My left wrist started to complain after a song and a half so I stopped, but that is just fatigue, I haven't played since February.

It looks really promising!

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