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We had a marvelous weekend at Icon in Cedar Rapids. Met some new folks. Now if I can just work out where I have gotten to!

What we played ...

Circus Of Dreams
Witch In Your Story
Hot McGonagall
Calvin's Girl
Stream of Consciousness
Masters of Library Science
Loki Loves You
Snow White Red Road
Alice In Zombieland

In circle Saturday night we played
Call Me Home
Single White Monster
Out Of The Light
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Panels were generally fun. I already talked about the filk panel so ...

A panel on writer's block, something I have suffered from a lot. The neatest thing was listening to Joe Haldeman. As I suspected, he and his wife (especially) knew my mom back in the 70s when my mom was working on her PHD at Iowa City.

A panel on gamer stories, I stuck with the bad stories more than the good ones, but they are funnier ... it was nice.

It was a nice weekend, pretty low key. I'm tired now and debating about going to Boheme to play tonight. We'll see,
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It was a lot of fun. A small but very appreciative audience (and one poor young woman trying to read, I think I damaged her permanently with Trophy Wife)

Only Coffee House In Town
Hey Dad !!!
TrophY Wife
Color Of Your Eyes
In Crosby Park
The Woman I Want
Don't Go Home (continuing in the tradition of buggering up this song)
Low Self Esteem
Bang My Bald Spot
How Can I Miss You?
Nice Guys

I played WYSIWYG in there somewhere. Oh, and I played Only Coffee House again for [ profile] appleboy and [ profile] michaeljlarson2, who are just as disgustingly cute together in real life as they are on LJ (great to see the two of you, hope we can hang out a little tomorrow)

I then headed over to the filk where I played

Rockaway Beach (in response to someone mentioning the Ramones)
905 (the Who)
Roman Wall Blues (Auden/Harvey)

I played guitar along with several songs some of the other folks were playing

The Philosophers Song (Python)
Hides (with [ profile] freeimprov playing along ... it was great)
And then he sang Here Comes The Flood (Gabriel) and I had to sing along, even though I didnt have much voice left, it worked though cause old Pete does have a pretty raspy voice.

It was a wonderful night, thanks everyone.
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"I saw you last year, and it had nothing to do with science fiction"

There was a panel on filk and while the discussion went on, one of the panel members said that to me.

Well, duh ... and wrong all at the same time.

I've talked a lot about my place in SF as a songwriter. I don't write science fiction songs, I don't write fantasy songs, I have written very little that could be called filk.

I write about a condition, and being of the fannish persuasion, that is a part of my condition. I write about dislocation, being an outsider, a certain loneliness, and a certain wise-ass-ness that exists so gloriously in fandom.

One of the things I found a couple years ago, folks who go to cons tend to get my songs. They get my jokes. I don't have to edit. I can use a phrase like "enough curves to make Rubens blush" and ... as the old song goes ... the little girls understand. So do the boys for that matter (but let's not get off on a rant about the wonders of fannish women). I can use the word decolletage in a song and most of the room knows what I am talking about (and let's face it boys, that is one ... or is it two, great reasons to go to cons, but I digress again)

But there are still folks who don't, or won't, get the connection.

It dosnt bug me very often, but it certainly bugged me today, more because I didnt have a chance to make my point as to WHY I play at cons.

more later, I have a panel in a few minutes
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So, I wandered around, ran out to get some things I had forgotten at the store and came back for opening ceremonies.

TICC east is quite good, not as good as TICC west though.

I ended up at the filk around (;30 - 10 ... lets see if I can remember what I played over the 2 or 3 hours I was there

Only Coffee House In Town
Bloodletting (Concrete Blonde)
905 (The Who)
Jordan Cochrane GGS
How Can I Miss You?
Low Self Esteem
Nice Guys

I know I played a couple more, but that is all I can think of.

It was a very nice circle, some cool voices and some wonderful songs.

And now, after I run the shower for a bit, off to bed.

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I don't know times yet, but I will be on some panels. So far

Writer’s Block
We will discuss writer’s block. What it is. What it isn’t. What can cause it (Stress, medication, ADD, etc). And what you can do about it.
3:00 pm saturday

Attack of the Killer Gazebo
Sharing our favorite gaming stories
9:00 pm saturday

There is also a history of filk panel that I may be on
1:00 pm saturday

And I should be playing out in the lobby around 9ish saturday night
make that 10ish due to the gaming panel

updates are in bold duh


Oct. 23rd, 2005 08:09 pm
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I still havent heard from them. I am attending and will be there the entire weekend.

I expect to track down the local filkers both friday and saturday nights. I will probably set up in the lobby like I did last year and play at some point. It was too much fun last year, so I gotta do it again. I'll make posters and put them up sometime saturday. I'll even bring the Martin (It's been too nice playing it lately).

So who's going to be there?
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I'm thinking about going. Is there anyone who might be interested in sharing a room?


Sep. 2nd, 2004 02:09 pm
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So, I got an email from ICON.

It looks like I am doing a show there. I'm only going to be there saturday (the budget is getting pretty slim) but.

One more !!!

Here is the blurb I sent them

Eric Coleman is a Songwriter/Singer (if you have ever heard him you will understand the order) from Ames IA (ok, he's not from Ames, but he lives there now). He has been on a quixotic (and some would say deeply silly) adventure this year. By the end of January he will have appeared at a dozen conventions in the midwest. He writes songs about the internet (guess what he's surfing for), plastic surgery, girl groups and boy bands, middle-aged moshing, jpg's of old g/f's, as well as serious stuff like loss and loneliness. This is his first time at ICON, so if you see him in the hall, be nice, he's probably lost.

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