Apr. 18th, 2017 11:43 am
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Yep, he's on here too, for those of you who know him.
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So I have started another LJ under the name [ profile] kriel. it will be completely friends only.

As I have stated before this LJ is about my music, my shows, and stuff that amuses me. The new LJ will be personal stuff.

One of the things that worried me when I started this is that, at the time, I had an online stalker. So I didn't talk about anything else much except music. A friend gave me a nice present a year or so ago. The stalker's real name, address and phone number. With that contact info the guy stopped right away. Thanks JC. The nicest thing anyone did for me last year.

The new journal will have things about the wife, the kids, sometimes TMI, sometimes WAY TMI, probably a little politics occasionally, and anything else that I feel that I can't put in here as Eric Coleman, Curmudgeon. I feel that I have to keep the performer and the real person fairly seperate.

With that warning, if you are interested in reading this stuff just reply here and I will friend you in the next couple of days.

I will say that unless you know me pretty well I am not likely to put you on this. Members of the Social Cloud and it's fringes will be pretty much automatic, but if you are someone I have met at a con or a show, unless we have talked a lot, I'll probably say no. Still, no harm in trying. And please don't feel insulted if I don't put you on the list, I might later. I make friends slowly and there are several people who I know from wherever who I would not hesitate to put on this and who might be surprised that I would.

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