Sep. 12th, 2017

ericcoleman: Cheshire Moon (Cheshire Moon)
We played two storming sets this weekend. Xap streamed both live for us over our FB page. I was able to snag them and repost them on You Tube.

Susan joined as, as she does for a lot of the Chicago area shows. Cathy McManamon both hosted and sang and played drums a bit.

Set 1 -

Set 2 -

If you like these, and want to support our House Concert shows, think about sending us something via PayPal. cheshiremoonband at gmail.

We've also posted this around.

We’re starting to think about next year. I expect we will do a show at the Church on Lawrence in Chicago, as we try to do every year. Another house concert in Champaign is probably going to happen, like it does. If the November show in Indianapolis works out, we’ll go back there. Cathy has said she wants us to do another show at her place. This weekend's show was very special.

Right now the only definite convention is Demicon (that will change I am sure). After the financial beating we have taken this year, the cost of badges and rooms are just beyond our means.

We still want to do a show a month at least. So we’re looking. We’re looking to do house concerts, especially house concerts, coffee houses, little music festivals, anything like that. We don’t do Ren Faires, we’re just not that sort of band. We don’t do bars. We want to go places where the music is the focus.

And we want to get places we haven’t been! So if we haven't come out your way and you think of a place that might work for us, please let us know!

There is now video of an entire house concert on our FB page (and it will be up on You Tube soon). This one was unusual because Susan was playing with us, which she doesn’t do very often, living in a different city and all. But it shows you what we do live. (this part written before I posted the video)

We’re never going to do this for a living. I’ll be 60 next year, and I don’t see myself living in a van for weeks at a time.

But we want to play as much as we can. We want to record more new songs.

So, if you have a place for us to play, please let us know.

In the meantime, enjoy this weekend's show.

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