May. 6th, 2012 04:47 pm
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What we played at Demicon

Stream of Consciousness
If I Were The Rain
Child Of Stars
Out Of The Light
World Walker
Calvin's Girl
Widows Garden

The show went very well. Dybbuk Q. Klezmer brought wonderfulness to the songs. Lizzie sang beautifully. I played instruments. At the circle Saturday night Lizzie and I did Daughter Of The Red, with interjections from a young woman sitting behind Lizzie that were wonderful. After which we collapsed.

There was an unexpected addition to Eric's Quest For Pizza. I had intended to get to Pagliai's sometime soon, but since it was right down the street we went with Bryan and family (as mentioned before). It was yummy and I will get my review up shortly.

The music track went amazingly well. Lojo Russo and Adam Stemple were bad bad people. Adam also played with Chas Somdahl yesterday. Bryan had a sterling set with CW Smith backing up on cajón and vocals.

Robert from Orckes & Trolles said that this show wasn't as dirty as last years, he sounded a little disappointed.

The Rocky Horror Sing-A-Long went wonderfully.

The WSPA had a blast, we went to the pool every day. Jared was seen when it was time for food, although even there he tended to just go to the con suite. WSPA-3 had a great time and made some new friends.

I had a great time with my family this weekend, life is good. Collapse now.
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When Charles takes our scribbles from email, and our babbles in person and creates a ceremony that shows who we are in every way, he rocks!
When Sara makes a stealth tie dye cake, she rocks!
When my son Ian takes on so much for us this weekend, including being my Best Man, he rocks!
When Ron makes us tie dye sheets, he rocks!
When Karen makes it possible for most of the wedding party to shoehorn itself into con suite, she rocks!
When Bert becomes our very own MIB, and gets us from place to place, he rocks!
When Lexie takes two beautiful ladies and makes them even more beautiful, she rocks!
When Gary Craig, the glorious storyteller that he is, charms everyone I know, he rocks!
When Stephanie Dawson keeps my love sane, all while maintaining sanity on her own, she rocks!
When Andy plays us a lovely piece of music, he rocks!
When S00J sings for us, she rocks!
When my son Jared gets the best gag of the day (and it was his idea), he rocks!
When Chas, Adam, Erik and Gary conspire with me (and I know I forgot someone), they rock!
When my daughter smiles and beams and charms and chats with everyone, and is as lovely a flower girl as it possible to be, she rocks!
When Daniel takes my faulty gear and give us music, he rocks
When K makes it possible for the music to continue, he rocks!
When Celia helps us both focus and relax, and prompts folks to take the place of the missing music, she rocks!
When Lexie, Ian, Leah, Xap, Raven and Teresa are up there for us, they rock!

And when all of you laugh and cry and share this moment with us ... we can never thank you enough! The love you showed us this weekend, we are honored to be this loved by so many. Thank you.
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We will be performing in Ames on July 10 at a benefit at the Ames Unity Church for the Joplin Unity Church. The Joplin church was destroyed by a tornado a few weeks ago. I don't know how long of a set we will play, but expect to have more info shortly. Directions are here. The show starts at 6pm, there will be a BBQ starting at 5.

We will be sharing the stage with Amy Rohn at the Life Force Arts Center in Chicago August 27. As I understand it we will both be playing 45 minute sets. Cover is $10 in advance, $15 at the door. The show starts at 8pm.

Lizzie and I will be celebrating our wedding at Musecon August 6. Come for the wedding, stay for the con!

You don't have to be a member of the con to come to the wedding, but I do highly recommend it, it's going to be tremendous fun! There will be much music made in the evenings! AND, as an extra added attraction, the entire WSPA will be in attendance!

As always, the best source for Cheshire Moon stuff is on our website, which will be updated shortly, and on our Facebook Page (yeah, I know, so many people hate FB, but it's necessary nowadays, kinda like MySpace was a few years ago).

The weekend

Dec. 6th, 2010 11:15 am
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Lizzie snuck into town and the WSPA were surprised. We did dinner Friday night, went to WSPA-2's gymnastics meet Saturday morning (he placed first in both events) and did pizza and movies Saturday night (with the entire WSPA and one auxiliary member, Ian's g/f, in attendance).

WSPA-3 only tried to steal Lizzie away from me a few times.

So Lizzie got a view of my odd little world. She claimed she liked it. It does make me doubt her sanity (still, she's dating me, she's got to be a little off)

Next weekend she comes in for a night, and we head off to a Lojo show. Yeah, life is pretty darn good.

A response

Nov. 26th, 2010 10:18 am
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To a request from Teresa on FB. I felt it needed to be posted here as well

I am thankful for my chosen family. I am thankful for those members of my chosen family with whom I travel around and make large noises. I am thankful that, me the loner who usually only has a friend or two, has a whole group of friends who are as close as those usual few. I am thankful for the wonderful mutants who make up the WSPA, both charter and auxiliary members. I am thankful for the marvelous woman who, for reasons that baffle everyone, has made my life so wonderful. As the saying goes, life could not better be.
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WSPA 2&3 and I just got up and headed out of town for a little bit. It was a minor show while we were out there. We saw a dozen or so meteors. It was well worth it though. Now back to bed.
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Musecon0 sure looked like it worked to me. I had a marvelous time, and expect to have a better time next year. I went back and forth as to whether I was going to go to Mahtowa this year, and I certainly made the right choice.

The panels I got to were fun. WSPA-2 was along and went to the harmonica panel and the blues panel. I looked in on a lot of the craft stuff, and there were always a bunch of folks in the back of the music room knitting, painting and lots of other stuff.

If you are into anything creative, this may be the con for you, even if you aren't a geek.

Now for the band and personal stuff ...

First of all I have a new rule. Always room with two fabulous babes. Always. It's good for you.

The band had a blast. It wasn't our most musically perfect show, but which one is really? Here's what we played.

Sunset Boulevard
This Island Earth (new arrangement)
Wheels (Foo Fighters cover)
Reach For The Stars
Poolhall At The End Of The Universe
Son Of A Witch
Zombie Mama
Rocket Launcher/Gimmie Shelter
Roman Wall Blues (two versions starting with it done ala the Stray Cats, yeah, the Stray Cats, it damaged poor [ profile] beige_alert)
Last Ride of the Cthulhu Kid (our new filkabilly song, yes I said filkabilly)
Banned From Argo
Would You Like To Play A Game?

I played some both nights. Music circles were small but wonderful. [ profile] lizziecrowe and I did Follow That Road (Anne Hill) and Swamp Witch (Jim Stafford). I'm getting more and more excited about working with her. It's looking to be very cool, very eclectic and very very fun.

I did FPN both nights, with mostly different verses. I have now put the printout in my book into alphabetical order. It keeps growing. I also did Bang My Bald Spot and Hides, with WSPA-2 playing along, so I got a lot of music in. The funniest thing for me all weekend was a very lovely woman who sang along with both FPN and Follow That Road. I need to be friends with her, and not just because she's lovely, I mean come on, she's got to be fairly twisted.

I swam a lot. WSPA-2 and I went Friday, [ profile] exapno, WSPA-2 and I Saturday and [ profile] lizziecrowe, [ profile] exapno, WSPA-2 and I went Sunday morning. My shoulders are a little annoyed with me, but it feels good.

I did wear one of my Mahtowa shirts all day Saturday. But going to Musecon was really the right thing. A lot of my friends need to go next year.


May. 29th, 2010 09:20 pm
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So, as it stands now I should be to the hotel 3-4 pm on Saturday. That means I should be able to see some of the shows and get to the open filk Saturday night.

WSPA-1 will be there helping run sound, WSPA-2 will be traveling with me ... so beware, there will be three Colemans there with instruments.
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To WSPA-1 aka my eldest son Ian on this important day ... his graduation from High School!


May. 12th, 2010 09:05 am
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I never post pictures of my kids in a public forum, but hey, he's 18 now.

My eldest son, WSPA-1. He's graduating in a couple of weeks.

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I'm heading to Mahtowa Friday for a weekend of music and fun. I just finished one of the songs I'll be entering in the songwriters contest. I'm not sure what the other one will be, but probably Don't Go Home, just cause.

If you want to know where to find me, well, Mahtowa is just south of Duluth MN and just off of I-35. If you want to narrow it down a little, it's simple ...

The red finger is pointing to where I usually camp. Look for a big red and white tent. The blue finger is pointing to where the festival is held. I'll be there the entire time, except when sleeping or having breakfast, or being dragged somewhere by the WSPA.
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Yup, an actual show with me doing my songs tomorrow night, Friday the 22nd at The Coffee Grounds opening for The Feng Shui Ninjas.

This will be an Eric & Andy show and those are always my best shows, cause he makes me play more songs and talk less. I even wrote out a set list ... emailed it to him even, I promise that I will even stick to it ... really.

So come out and see what may be my only show without that bunch of reprobates bunch of very nice guys who I play with, for the rest of this year.

The website (which still doesn't mention me, but I'm not bitter) says that the show is at 8 ... but ... avoid the crowds, show up early. And be warned, the entire WSPA will be in attendance, so things may get ugly.
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I went to SACC with the World's Smallest Psychotic Army (WSPA)

It was amazing fun.

I did make it to Boheme last night ... played a short set. It was nice to be back. I need to wander that way once a month or so

Low Self Esteem
Trophy Wife
How Can I Miss You?
Nice Guys

It was a theme set ...

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