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A guy I worked with put down two solos in Only Coffee House just a bit ago. The intro is great, the outro not as good, but I think I like it. He's dubious, but I took him way out of his box on this. He's used to playing classic rock in cover bands and hasn't been in a situation where he is playing something new and made up totally by him.

I think I'm going to use him on the final CD, he did some cool stuff.

a winky button for anyone who gets the subject line
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A friend has lent me a nice Fender bass and a stompbox amp emulator ...

As long as I play the root, it sounds pretty good.

So the demoing goes on .. adding bass to Only Coffee House tonight after work
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I have a rough version of WYSIWYG with all the commentary I do live (and a bunch of new stuff too)

We'll see how mix down goes tomorrow.
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I did a guitar/vocal/drum take on the Super Secret Marscon Will Commit Much Pain To The Audience (and one person in particular) Track ... it's wrong ... very very wrong

A nice take on Nice Guys that I think I might keep.

Had a good day recording ...


Feb. 26th, 2006 02:26 pm
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I'm down here working on tracks. I just laid down a guitar track for Only Coffee House In Town.

And ...

I laid down drum tracks. I may have mentioned that my friend John had brought his electronic set down to work. It's sitting right next to all my gear.

I suck as a drummer, I sucked as a drummer even when I called myself a drummer.

But the track I just laid down dosn't sound too bad.

More later
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Three songs, since there weren't many performers.

Bang My Bald Spot - The best version of the patter ever.
Trophy Wife - Nice, there was this very cute girl right down front, and the end of the 2nd chorus hurt her, I mean really hurt her. In a good way though.
Crank Generation - Nice and relaxed again. It's back in the set again after a long retirement. Probably not for cons, since it's pretty darn brutal, but I think I need to do this more often.

Oddly enough I worked on serious stuff this afternoon. Worked on Jordan Cochrane and The One I Chased Away (it needs to get back in the set as well, I forgot how much I like that song)
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I stalled on getting the next CD done a month or so ago. It's been a rough year.

I was obsessing too much about the sound and some idea of what I wanted the CD to be. More and more I realize that I need to relax and figger what I want this CD to really be.

I have very eclectic taste in music. I'm starting to think that this CD has to reflect that. The idea of the CD being totally acoustic is getting put aside. I've given this a lot of thought the last few weeks and seeing the synth player this evening made me realize I need to get this moving. I asked the synth player this evening about playing on the CD, I'm going to ask some other folks as well.

I'm going in to re-demo the songs next weekend. We'll see what happens.


Jun. 22nd, 2005 04:42 pm
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I have working demos of all the songs, and will be mailing them out tomorrow to the folks who have foolishly agreed to work on the CD.

There are some good tracks, some which I think I will keep for the final product, and a couple that need to be redone. Home Again is a good take, but there is a slipped string on it somewhere. Perfect Moments needs to be replayed, I miss the high string a few too many times, and the mike dosn't pick it up well enough too much of the rest of the time.

But I am generally pleased.

I might still get this done this summer.


Jun. 18th, 2005 06:08 pm
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Demoes are done ... I think that there are a couple of tracks that are real good and some that are pretty good, but nothing that is terrible. I'm burning to my harddrive now so I should have some new things up on the audiostreet site this week. I need to go look at the poll again.

And that means I will be mailing out CDs to the folks who are playing on the CD as well ...

things march along.
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In Crosby Park (a nice relaxed version as compared to the more intense that I had recorded a month ago) and The Woman I Want as well as Jordan Cochrane

Things are going well. I should have a good workable demo of all songs done shortly. I haven't made any blatant mistakes that I have heard, but I will burn this all to CD to see how it sounds away from playing.

A good day ... weird
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Another few songs done.

Pine City Motel Blues, in a version I think I can stand for folks to hear
Need - in two different keys even
Wilderness of Smiles - I didnt like the middle section, but it will get worked out.
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part one ...

Did Hey Dad (including the new 90s verse) and How Can I Miss You

Hey Dad is almost 5 minutes long ... I didnt expect that. How Can I Miss You is just about 3. That's good for reasons I will tell you about later.

I am doing all this quick and dirty with a mike on the voice and the guitar going direct. I don't think I will get anything I will use on the CD, but I am looking for inspiration at the moment. I should have demos for everything by the end of the afternoon.

More as I do more ... I need tape to put lyric sheets up on the wall so I don't forget anything.

So ...

Jun. 17th, 2005 06:25 pm
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I have been sitting here at a work computer for an hour ... I need to either go home ... or go upstairs and record.

I can't get myself to do either.

I hate days like this.
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So, this was definitely worth the hell day yesterday ... and then some

The show was very nice and very laid back and very very loose.

Woman I Want
Home Again
In Crosby Park
Wilderness Of Smiles
Pine City Motel Blues (at the right tempo even)
Hey Dad! (with the new verse)
How Can I Miss You?
Jordan Cochran GGS

So, since nearly everyone who was at the show is on LJ ... what did you think of the songs ??? There were quite a few things that no one has heard around here. Comments, complaints ... anything

Rob Middleton was after me, but it occurred to me that I had not had a chance to run through the dealers room. I found that [ profile] billroper and [ profile] daisy_knotwise had nearly sold out of the CDs that they had so I dropped some more off to them. It's a nice feeling.

I watched most of Wild Mercy's set, wonderful as always. I'm not hanging out till it's time for food. I'm starving.

So ... food soon and then music tonight and then back home tomorrow. It's been wonderful. And I never get to stay for the Dead Dog (in this case Duck). But ... this should happen twice this year.

So, on to Convergence (if I can find a room to share) and then Demicon.

And more rambling later.

The weekend

May. 8th, 2005 11:11 pm
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It's been a lovely weekend.

Both nights of [ profile] guppiecat's party were very nice. I don't get many chances to be social around here. So it was much fun. Got to play a little too (as I have already reported)

Recording went well. I don't know what I have that is usable yet, but we'll see this week.

Tonight at Boheme was fun. An old friend was there to play for the first time in ages. In the meantime she had gotten married and had a little boy. It was nice to catch up and see pictures of her new little one.

I played pretty well.

How Can I Miss You?
Jordan Cochrane GGS
Woman I Want (it may have been coincidence, but I think that a woman in the audience gave me a standing ovation for the song ... probably coincidence)

I didnt play anything too dreadfully fast. A little fast but not too fast. A good weekend.


May. 7th, 2005 04:48 pm
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So I ended up doing rough versions of 5 or 6 songs today including 2 versions of Pine City Motel Blues. I think that the last one might be a keeper. I have to see how the rhythm worked out.

Thinking about heading to [ profile] guppiecat's party again. It's either that or go home and collapse. We'll see.
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I headed off to record just before noon. I got the remainder of the stuff set up and waited for Isaac to show up. In the meantime I ran into my friend Snow (who has posted occasionally here, he needs to get an LJ account) and J, who cleans on the weekend. Geeze, this place is CLOSED on the weekend and everyone is there.

I got thing setup and Isaac and I fiddled for awhile trying to work out why the mikes wouldn't work.

I hadn't turned on the phantom power. Yeah I'm a professional.

We headed off to the local big barn home improvement place while J finished off so I could get a small screwdriver set for my gear bag (so I can change batteries easily on the DI) and nuts and bolts and washers to put the rack gear into the rack I am getting tomorrow. FUNFUNFUN

We fiddled with mike placement. Well, Isaac fiddled with mike placement, I just made things difficult because I kept moving.

He called the song we were going to work on. He had liked Need but agreed with me that the way I was playing it was just too frantic. I had a change in my head but I hadn't worked it out yet. I played a bit and we both came up at the same time that it really needed to be fingerpicked. I'm REALLY pleased with the new version. It is very sparse, has a great deal of space in it and with the settings Isaac came up with for the midiverb it has a REALLY cool sound.

Snow came back and we chattered with him a bit. He got to hear the track and agreed that it sounded cool.

We recorded In Crosby Park. I am still uncertain on the new middle section, but I am going to work with it today.

Then I headed off to meet with some old friends



Apr. 9th, 2005 11:06 pm
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I worked on some songs with my friend Isaac. Need is going to be wonderful. In Crosby Park is going to be fun. and that was about all we got done.

I went and met up with a bunch of old friends, musicians I knew years ago. It was a blast.

A good day. A real good day. More tomorrow.

So ...

Apr. 3rd, 2005 03:54 pm
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5 songs in very basic form, none of them usuable in any way whatsoever. But being able to listen to them today has really helped.

Pine City Motel Blues is WAY too fast ... as is true with a lot of the songs.

They'll get there

So ...

Apr. 3rd, 2005 02:05 pm
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Initial response to my first track recorded with the new mikes

MAN they sound a lot better than my old mikes ... although the vocal mike picks up EVERYTHING ... but, it means I am getting a neat little bit of reverb from the wall in front of me ...

And ... who is this guitar player on this ??? he's a lot better than I am ...

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