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The tracks for the acoustic version of the album are done. Donna is working on an initial mix, which we should have on Saturday. Step one is about finished. We're looking toward step two now, the full on electric band album.

Further and further.

The songs are ...

The Midnight Contingent
Circus Of Dreams
Call Me Home
Beast Within
Don’t Look Now
Boneman’s Daughter
Alice In Zombieland
Loki Loves You
Ghost Train
Nighty Nights
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We went back into the studio Wednesday and got some more stuff recorded. There are now backing tracks for Ghost Train, Beast Within, Nighty Knights and The Midnight Contingent.

We go back in Wednesday to record one more guitar part, and then Lizzie will record vocals for the rest. We should be done recording then, with just mixing to do.

Those of you who went for the bonus on Concert Window could have the DL as soon as next weekend, but probably the week after sometime!

Then we start to work on the full band CD! Look for a Kickstarter coming soon to an internet near you!
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Another recording session tonight. Got a lot of stuff done on the demos. Nine songs are done, they just need mixing.

Alice In Zombieland
Boneman's Daughter
Call Me Home
Circus Of Dreams
Don't Look Now
Loki Loves You

Wednesday Lizzie goes in to work on Morrigan. It will be layers of vocals. And to record the title song.

We have 4 songs to either finish writing, or rehearse into some sort of coherency ...

Beast Within
Clotho's Harp
Ghost Train
Nighty Knights (blame Adam Whitlach for this)

Then these go off to the folks playing on the band version of the CD. And off to folks who got them as a bonus at a Concert Window show. They will also get released when the CD comes out, for those folks who like the acoustic side of Cheshire Moon.

Closer and closer to getting this part of the project done!
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4 Songs are done! Alice In Zombieland, Call Me Home, Circus Of Dreams and Loki Loves You.

We go back into the studio Dec 1 to get a little further!
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We recorded Out Of The Light and A Song About Fog last night. The first of the summer singles. Donna did amazing things mixing these songs. It makes me really look forward to the next CD.

What started this was that we wanted the band version of Out Of The Light. The version on the CD is good, but doesn't really show what it is like live. Things expanded and now we are going to record songs that will appear on the next CD, but since Susan is moving, may not be recorded the way we do them now. We are making especially sure that the songs featuring the Gamba are recorded. The rest of the singles should be ...

Haunted (two versions)
Catnyp / Narrow Way
Village By The Sea / Witch In Your Story

We expect to be back in the studio in 2 weeks.
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Cheshire Moon is going into the studio Thursday to record the trio version of Out Of The Light. The full band version on the CD is good and all, but we have wanted the live arrangement of it recorded for awhile. We're also going to record A Song About Fog. We need a recording with the Viola! Susan has been doing lovely things with it.

There is a larger plan. We intend, if all goes well, to record a few 2 track singles to upload onto Bandcamp. We want to capture our sound as a trio before Susan leaves later this summer. All of these songs will be re-recorded for the CD, but in very different versions. We may have the first two songs up as early as this weekend!
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We got the last of the basic tracks done last night. We recorded Child Of Stars, If I Were The Rain and Ways Of Wind And Water. We have vocals, overdubs and some glitches to fix still to do. But the hard part is done. We'll be back to it in a couple weeks.
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What have tracked so far in the studio.

Stream Of Consciousness
She Moved Through The Faire
World Walker
Out Of The Light
Calvin's Girl
Daughter Of The Red
And something nifty for the extra disc for the $35 level.

Remaining to be recorded are ...
Follow That Road (Anne Hills)
If I Were The Rain
Child Of Stars
Widows Garden

Family will be recorded Tuesday night with Jared and John. The rest Lizzie and I will put down the basic tracks Wednesday and Thursday. After that is overdubs and mixing. It's coming along.

Our thanks to Isaac Norman for his hard work. You make everything so much easier.

Also, there is a new level for Kickstarter that includes a t-shirt! Help us out, we still have a long ways to go!

Ways Of Wind And Water
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It's been a good week. I have been dropping Lizzie off every morning, so that means I stop at Ritual Cafe and get a Chai.

The session last night went well. We didn't get as much done as I wanted, but that was a given anyway. We have a good take on Companion and a really good take on Out Of The Light. Both John (the drummer) and Jared (bass, oh, and aka WSPA-2) stepped up to the challenge.

It's going to be good folks!

So I'm mentioning it again, we need help to get this done. If you want to hear the songs, go to, all of the songs minus two are on the music page (and we'll get those demoed soon). Some of the recordings are rough, but imagine those fleshed out and with a good clean sound.

It doesn't take much from you, if enough people give 20 dollars we get this out. And each of those people get a CD. If you give more, you get even niftier stuff, everything from items knitted by Lizzie to a house concert. Take a look, take a listen.

Cheshire Moon - Ways of Wind and Water
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If Andy and I were to be recording live at Tillies in Minneapolis sunday morning around 11am, would ya show up to cheer us on? This is for the next record. I know it is short notice, but that is the way my life is going at the moment.


Jul. 24th, 2006 06:23 pm
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The hiss seems to be gone, which means I can get back to my next two CDs as well as the CD of a friend.

I'm still unconvinced about my new(ish) vocal mike. I may end up doing the vocals with my old stage mike. I know how to get a decent sound out of that.

I'm putting together a new disc of demos to listen to to see what needs to change, and what needs work. I have versions of all the songs that will be on the CD that I can at least bear to listen to now. I still need to work on the covers CD. That will be a pretty fast operation though since I'm not really doing much in the way of overdubs. And I need to re-record the funny stuff from Glass for the CD I am putting together for Dementia shows (all the funny stuff from both CDs in one place, in case you want to avoid my serious stuff, of course it will include different versions of older songs, so if you want to be a completist you have a reason to be mad at me, this will have the updated version of WYSIWYG)

Ok, time to go back upstairs to see if the CD is done burning.

So how was your day?
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Recording went very well actually. I'm pleased. I Got Them Old Mahtowa Folks Festival Highway 61 Blues Again Mama is a pretty cool version, so I think I might post it, but I will probably wait till after the festival ...


Jul. 23rd, 2006 02:47 pm
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I will have the new song up on my myspace page in a couple of hours. I am going to record the other song for the festival here in just a bit, but it's such a performance piece for such a specific instance that I might not put it up anywhere, not that I don't want anyone to hear it, just that I don't think it will work well as a recording.

I'm still having some problems burning off to the computer, but I think that is fixable. I can only get one channel, not stereo. It's the cord I am using (get a new cord, I'll bring another one in tomorrow), the output of the mixer (mix out of the headphone jack for now, need a new stereo to stereo mini cord) or it's the jack into the computer (pretty sure that it is not, the stuff I did at home this morning came out in stereo)

The hiss seems to be less too ... so things are going better

Got it

Jul. 23rd, 2006 11:38 am
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As is so often the case, Windows reset some defaults that I needed to record. I finally tracked it down.

I'm back on the air. Gonna head down to the studio in a bit.

Thank you for the help and support ... I really appreciate it.

addendum I need a Macintosh, I really do

More wrong

Jul. 21st, 2006 06:55 pm
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So ... I went up to offload the new song onto my laptop.

Everything connects, I can hear it through the speakers ... I get complete silence when I hit record.

I give up ... I really do ...

::stomping off::

oh well

Jun. 25th, 2006 06:50 pm
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I brought home some of my gear to try to burn some sound files to my hard drive. I have been having a problem with a bad hiss coming from the DA88 and I wanted to determine that it was the DA88 and not the computer.

There is no doubt in my mind now that the hiss is coming from the recorder. I'm going to try one more thing (and email a friend who knows his way around the machine), but this probably means no new CD for some time, maybe a year or two.
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I've been having problems with hiss when I try to master anything. The method I have used in the past seems to no longer work. I think it's my laptop.

Dunno what I'm going to do. This is driving me nuts. I don't hear any hiss when it's recording from the DA88, but when I play it back it hisses like mad. I'm trying to burn some demoes that a friend of mine made to CD, we'll see how they sound when I'm done.

In the meantime I'm not getting any of my stuff done ... as usual.
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I was talking to the guy who gave me the recording gear yesterday ... I'm getting a hiss ... he asked me how I had things set up ...

I've been doing it wrong ... I get to start over now ... >>insert explicitive here<<

still ... means I can overdub ... so drums. bass and electric 12 string are on the way ... and I might still make it by my deadline ...

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