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Cut cause it's kinda long )

Thank you everyone who listened tonight. After the disaster that was Radio Capricon, this really made me feel good.
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I will be live on Dementia Radio from 8-midnight eastern standard time playing oddball and funny music from the depths (and I do mean depths) of my CD and record collection. This is the show that didn't happen last Saturday night. Follow the link below and tune in.

Dementia Radio


Feb. 13th, 2010 02:47 pm
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It's official as of 2:28 pm CST - RIP Radio Capricon. It's been a great run. Thank you to all the folks who have listened and contributed.
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I'm almost done on the various stuff for Radio Capricon. I have to do one more gear check, which will take me a few minutes. I'm burning CDs, I like to have all the programming in several formats and ready to go if something fails. I've added new bumpers, new backgrounds and a lot of new music on the old shows. This is probably the easiest RC I have done, I'm only spinning for 9 hours, as compared to the 20 or so in previous years.

I need to update my schedule tomorrow, but everything seems to be about done. Remember to listen in next weekend. All info is at Just click on the Radio Capricon link.
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I'm iced in today, so I'm working on programming for the station.

I still need a one hour prog rock song ... I have managed to narrow it down to two songs for the Prog Rock Hour in previous years ... I think I did four one year, three the next, and then two the last couple.
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The initial schedule is up on my website
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Probably mine.

For reasons beyond anyone's control, there will be no Radio Capricon this year. I'm bummed, since I love running the station. On the other hand, I will actually get to see people at Capricon for the first time since the year I killed the transmitter.

That also means no live broadcasts of the concerts, but there are still some nifty shows going on in the Capricon Cafe ...

2:30 - Art Warneke
3:15 - Some dweeb from Iowa (who will be joined by a cute fiddler babe, I won't mention her name so it's a surprise)
4:00 - Marty Coady Fabish
4:45 - Barry and Sally Childs-Helton

1:00 - Jen Midkiff
1:45 - Debbie Gates
2:30 - Amy McNally
3:15 - Luke Ski
4:00 - Bill Roper
4:45 - Tom Smith

Elsewhere Howlin' Beagle will be performing Thursday night at 9:00 in Ravinia. Tom Smith will also be performing Friday night at 8pm in Ravinia A and there is a Wild Mercy concert in Ravinia B 8:00 Saturday night followed by the Filk Jam

edited cause I'm forgetful sometimes, but I can't remember why
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Radio Capricon is slowly getting off the ground for this year. So I am looking for ideas.

If anyone has an idea for a show, let me know. If anyone wants to record a show for the station, let me know. If anyone wants to be on the air at the Con, let me know. I can always use help. The station runs in hour increments.

But mostly I am looking for your opinion. What do you think is the greatest science fiction song of all time, and what do you think is the greatest fantasy song of all time? Inquiring minds want to know. They can be filk songs, they can be from other sources. But I want to know what you think.
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All of the playlists for the weekend are now up here.

Now you can take a look at what you heard, or missed.

It was a great year for Radio Capricon
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For this year anyway ...

The station ran great, we had listeners all the time as far as I can tell, although I was not awake for Angel's REALLY REALLY late nights. I know that when I went to bed at 1:30 sunday morning, she still had 3 listeners.

We will be back next year, with some interesting twists that I will discuss later.

The drive back yesterday was pretty horrible. It took me almost 11 hours. Consider that I got to Iowa in the standard 2 to 2 1/2 hours, that should give you an idea how rotten the roads were in Iowa

There better not be any more friggin snow Marscon weekend.

I'm tired, back at work and ready to go back home to collapse, and perhaps get unpacked.

Oh, and a note to [ profile] daisy_knotwise ... yes ... you DO want to hear [ profile] sweetmusic_27 and I play Ghosts together ... we ran through it in [ profile] gundo & [ profile] born_to_me's room sunday night and it was lovely. She is definitely someone I have to play more with ... and lucky me, she put the whip and knife away, so I felt safe again

All in all I had a wonderful weekend, even with the minimal contact with someone who I really want to spend more time with, and the nasty drive home
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I am heading down to the studio in just a few moments to start up the station. I'll be on the air from 10 to noon central.

10am - Friends Of Eric, in which I play music by folks I have played shows with, sat in circles with, or any such thing
11am - Go Home Already - an hour of mashups, bootlegs and remixes from

Then I am off for some panels. I'm staying tonight and driving back tomorrow.

It's been a great weekend
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Just a reminder of today's shows

10 AM - noon - My Favorite Little Festival, a report from Mahtowa - for information on the festival
Noon - 2pm - the great Luke Ski counts down the top 28 dementia Pirate songs. for more information on Luke
2pm - 4 pm - What The Filk? - Bill Roper plays 2 hours of the best in filk. for more info on Bill
4pm - 6pm - Bilgemunky Radio, the very best in Piratecore.
6pm - 8pm - That 80s Show, Eric spins two hours of his favorite 80s music, be afraid
8pm - 11pm - Bull Goose Looney, 3 hours of wacko music from Eric's collection including the dreaded Stairway To Heaven, Stairway To Hell hour
11pm - whenever, she went to almost 5 in the morning last night- The Esoteric Realm w/ Angelica Dawn, who really needs to get a website


Feb. 14th, 2008 11:32 pm
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So, the shoutcast is run through Winamp, which will not broadcast when I play stuff from Winamp, but will if I am running through the soundcard. So RC is not running all night, sorry, but I am the only one listening at the moment anyway.

I'll work it out tomorrow.

Have a good night, I must sleep now.
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The station is in the car, I just need to track down socks for the weekend, and I am outta here.

Radio Capricon is on the road in just a few minutes. See you at the con. And if you are not at the con you can listen at


the ORG is important since there is also a

I should be on the air around 6 this evening, but I might not be running live, just running a mix from my Ipod or some such thing.

you can also contact me on AOL Instant Messenger at radiocapricon and the schedule is can be found at
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I just burned and printed the last CD for RC.

All programming for it is done, I have to double check a couple of tech things tomorrow night, but everything is ready to go.

At some point I will post about the nightmare it was getting a DJ deck ... But I have one sitting in my living room right now
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Here it is so far.

6:00 - 11:00 The Radio Capricon Mix
Get a preview of what you are in for as Eric wanders through the music that is getting played on the station this weekend at random.
Noon - War Of The Worlds
Radio Capricon always starts off Friday with this, no one is quite sure why. If you feel like it, ask Eric, but understand that he may answer you.
1:00 - P.D.Q. Bach
2:00 - Acoustic Madness (2 hours)
Nary an electric instrument in the bunch. For you folks with sensitive ears.
4:00 - Mad Music Dementia Top 20 with special guest DJ Particle (2 hours)
6:00 - Captain Blood
The 1937 Lux Radio Theatre Production of the greatest Pirate movie of all time. With Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. Oh, and don’t get Eric started talking about Olivia, he gets a little unreasonable about her.
7:00 - Oh No, Eric’s playing whatever he wants again.
Eric delves into his massive music collection to play a bunch of stuff he likes. Be afraid, this could get ugly
9:00 - SF-Fantasy Friday Night
Another odd mix of SF/Fantasy songs from folks that might surprise you. The Beat Farmers you say? Why yes, they are on this show.
11:00 - The Esoteric Realm
Angelica Dawn guides you through a labyrinth of the best in New Age, Space, Pagan, Space, Ambient and Space
10:00 - My Favorite Little Festival
A report from Mahtowa. Hear music from Eric’s favorite place to go play.
12:00 - The Dementia Revolution
the great Lukeski brings his internet radio show to Radio Capricon, This year it is the Dementia Top 20 Pirate Songs Countdown
2:00 - What The Filk?
Two hours of the finest from the world of filk courtesy of the Secret Empire
4:00 - Bilgemunky Radio
Bilgemunky unleashes a broadside of Pirate-Core - a groundbreaking musical genre that launches the traditional sea shanty into the 21st century! While the songs are all pirate, pillaging, and rum, the music itself can range from rock and rap to punk and alternative. To learn more about Bilgemunky's weekly Pirate-Core radio show and podcast, visit
6:00 - That 80's Show
Skinny Hair and Big Ties (or something like that), it's 2 hours of music from that questionable decade.
8:00 - Bull Goose Looney
3 hours of wacko music, including the dreaded Stairway To Heaven Theme Block
11:00 - The Esoteric Realm
Angelica Dawn guides you through a labyrinth of the best in New Age, Space, Pagan, Space, Ambient and Space
10:00 - F.O.E.
What does it stand for? Listen and find out.
11:00 - Go Home Already
Go Home Productions that is. Let's end the weekend with some mashups, bootlegs and remixes.
12:00 - Radio Capricon sinks beneath the waves
As the sun pulls away from the shore and our boat sinks slowly in the west, Radio Capricon signs off for another year.
The Radio Capricon staff are:
Eric Coleman
Angelica Dawn
the great Luke Ski
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The Radio Capricon schedule is up here

This may change a little yet.
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I am playing in Ames this Tuesday at 8 at the Ames Progressive office

I'm playing at Capricon February 15 - 5pm in the internet cafe, as well as running Radio Capricon all weekend. More information on that soon.

I am a part of The Marscon Dementia Track - February 29 - March 2. I'm playing friday night, which means you get to hear a couple of songs that I usually don't do at cons ... be afraid, this is going to be a more ... well ... let's just say that I am dipping back into my roots a little bit

I will be at Conestoga July 25-27. According to their recent new release I am playing friday night and saturday afternoon. The other musician verified is Bland Lemon Denton, (he's the guy who wrote Buddy Holly is Alive and Well and Living on Ganamede a very silly book that I dearly love).

And of course ... The Toyboat 2008 (we'll have a name for it soon) Tour

Toyboat Shows
Demicon - May 2-4
Duckon - June 13-15
Archon - October 3-5
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The last of the gear for RC has arrived, a nifty little DJ deck. I might need a couple of cords still, but that's it.
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Since Radio Capricon can be heard anywhere that there is a computer this year, what would you like to hear on Radio Capricon?

You can see the schedule from 2006 here. I don't expect to change a whole lot, but you can never tell. My entire Old Time Radio collection is currently missing, so that may get tricky.

So, ideas, comments, snarks anything?

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