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Oct. 27th, 2015 03:33 pm
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Another weekend that was both rough and wonderful. I went into the weekend already burned out, neither Lizzie nor I had slept well the week before.
That, and I still have problems believing I belong, yeah, after all these years. I do tend to feel like an outsider most places, always have, so it really doesn't reflect on the community, just on my ability to cope. And depression has been a tough battle the last couple of years. Between illness and lots of personal things, it's been a battle. I'm getting better, but it's been a long slog.
So I spent much of the first two days kinda down (ok, really down). There were some moments. I've watched the video and saw just how well we did Child Of The Library. I'm very proud of our version, it's going to stay in the set for awhile.
We were too burned out to get to the circles Friday night, but we had been at the Thursday circle for a bit.
Saturday was fun, the first highlight was Joe Giacoio, who is a favorite … and who finally has a new CD out! And Heather and Ben's set was a delight.
We put a personalized version of Critters into the auction. It did ok, I kinda wanted it to make a bit more though.
A brief aside about the hotel. It was horrific. Too hot for most of the weekend, there was also, apparently, a mold problem. Oddly enough, the longer I was in our room, the worse I would feel, the longer I would be away from the room, the better I would feel. We're staying down the road from now on, a pain, but I won't put myself through that again.
Sunday was fun. We hit the stage with Leslie Hudson and Gary Hanak on Circus Of Dreams, then through Persephone and Boneman's Daughter.
I do want to thank Talis, Cat and Heather for their kind words. And someone said really nice things about my guitar playing, but I can' t remember who. I needed to hear good things this weekend (and there were some real ego boosts). Insecurities have been taking me down hard this year.
The jam was a blast. I was able to just put everything away and play guitar.
Overall, it was rough, but still a good weekend.

We're off the road until March. A good thing. The last two cons have showed me I don't have a lot of coping skills at the moment. I want to be out there making music (and we do have two shows between now and the end of the year), but I need time off.
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And we are off to OVFF. We're in the Pegasus Concert, doing Child Of The Library by Piers and Gill Cawley. We're doing a short set on Sunday, where we will do all new(ish) material. We may have a brand new song if we get time to work on it.

We're getting in Thursday, leaving Monday morning, so we're around for everything.

I'm going to show off my pedal board at the gadgets workshop. Probably Lizzie's as well.

And lots of music, lots and lots of music. I need to play. Lizzie and I have been hard at work doing the most fun thing in our lives and it's been amazing. The new songs are really taking on their real selves now. Persephone, in particular, has really become the song that I knew it would be.

I still haven't decided how many instruments I am taking ... three guitars, three drums with stands? Bouzouki? Cuatro? Lizzie is bringing two fiddles, one electric for the show and an acoustic for circle. Probably her mando too, but maybe the mandola.

Plus Beth Kinderman is traveling with us. And we will still have room in the van. I love the new vehicle.

So, who is going?
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Here are the lyrics for Snow White, Red Road, which took 2nd in the songwriting contest this weekend.

Snow White, Red Road

The queen would have her head
For she could not have her power
But the queen would keep the crown all the same
A child lighting candles
with a touch and a thought
Followed when the winds called her name

Her courage as dry
As the leaves beneath her feet
No princes, just seven new friends
They ask, “You would wander
In this place of winter roses
in a realm that your Will can bend?

“Innocence is never white, little witchling
It’s black and shining as raven eyes
White is for fire,
Red is for sacrifice.”
And so they took her hand and showed her why

The Castle is on fire tonight
With no one to rescue, the prince is gone
The mirror is broken, the pieces grow cold
The fairest one has gone

Seven dwarves, seven teachers
A glass coffin’s just a cage
For nothing heals until it bleeds
Seven voices
refuse to keep her tame
A poisoned apple is just another lie (to leave)

A mirror left alone
in empty chambers
Cracked and let a piece fall away
She keeps the shard safe
And tucked away beside her nightshade
As a legacy that nothing stays the same

The Castle is on fire tonight
With no one to rescue, the prince is gone
The mirror is broken, the pieces grow cold
The fairest one has gone

She cannot be a princess when she’s living
She cannot be a queen when she’s dead
And in between she’s just a girl
There’s no such thing as just a girl…

The castle walls have crumbled
But the garden still lives
And sunset is her favorite harvest time
She tends to the lily
And the rose and the bittersweet
But smiles as the belladonna shines

Blackthorn wand in her hand
Wolfsbane in her hair
Magic is the only love she knows
A pretty poison all her own
And in her wake is a rusty throne
The queen is dead - Long live the Snow!

The Castle is on fire tonight
With no one to rescue, the prince is gone
The mirror is broken, the pieces grow cold
The fairest one has gone

The Castle is on fire tonight
With no one to rescue, the prince is gone
The mirror is broken, the pieces grow cold
At last, the fairest has won!

This is on Crowes & Consequences, which I will have in hand today!
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Wow, what a night. We had an extra master disc for the CD and Gretchen Roper said we should put it in the Interfilk auction. I thought she was, well, not right 'cause I tend to be, well, wrong. But I do try to do what Gretchen says ... because she's Gretchen. We added the first CD and bonus disc to the deal. It did ok ...

$120.00 for Interfilk. On one hand, great to raise money for a good cause, on the other hand ... just a TEENSY bit of an ego boost.

That was ego boost 1 of the evening. Ego boost two. We came in 2nd in the songwriting contest with Snow White, Red Road. Cat Faber was one of the backups. And you all know what that means, you're fine unless there is enough time for her to come in and be all awesome. Which she certainly was. There are few, if any, better songwriters in this community.

Circle tonight was fun, we played Catnyp, Masters of Library Science and Corvus.

Oh, and thinking, last night we did Village By The Sea and Critters.

Exhaustion has set in. But we have nothing to do in the morning, so we're going to try to sleep late.

One more night here and it's back home. It's been a marvelous weekend.


Sep. 28th, 2011 11:38 am
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I called to reserve a room at OVFF and all of the non-smoking rooms are sold out. Anyone want a couple of roommates?

Last night

Oct. 23rd, 2010 09:51 am
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As is clear, I am not at OVFF. This makes me very sad, but at the same time last night I spent the evening at a party with 100+ folks from my old theater department. I saw friends I hadn't seen in decades. It was amazing.

My step-mom threw the party, and no one throws a better party then her, my father held court all night. He taught at Drake for 30+ years, and the thing is, I knew folks going back to 1966. There were folks who had babysat me, and there were women I had crushes on back in the day ... all in the same room.

This is the only thing that could have possibly kept me from OVFF this year. And yeah, it's been worth it (I was afraid it was going to be a dud, but that was only my usual pessimism).

I'm spending the weekend with old friends, I wish I was with my chosen family. I will be wandering around with phone in hand this evening (I still think s00j is going to win, but just in case).

And I do miss you all, but it's for a good reason.

And Toyboat will have an interesting announcement shortly.
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Toyboat has been nominated for a Best Performer Pegasus award. The process being what it is, we have know about it for a week or so. It's been quite a ride.

Thank you everyone who voted, and not just for us. Filk is about community, and it feels so good to have that we are part of that community affirmed in such a marvelous way.

Looking at the nominees, there are a couple of categories that are a simple choice for me (I mean really, Gabriel Gray's Song ... damn). And others where I there are really hard choices.

Ok, a fanboy moment. Remember folks it's been 3 years that I have been ranting about the wonderfulness that is SJ Tucker. FINALLY you're all catching up. That said, she is also up for Best Performer ... we're doomed, and it couldn't make me happier.

If you love filk, go listen to the samples and vote. There is a lot of great stuff to listen to.
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I will not be going to OVFF this year. Drake Theatre is having a reunion that weekend ... of course it would be that weekend.

It is still possible I will be going to FKO, but I'm thinking money will not allow it.

So it looks like no filk cons this year.
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Cut for lengthiness )

In the meantime, take a look at this picture that Adam English drew of the band.

oh, and a CD (mine or the bands) to the first person who gets the music geek joke that is in the text here somewhere and sends the answer to me at ericcoleman at gmail dot com.
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I have the Beatles Mono Box set sitting here on my desk, the stereo albums at home, and a complete set of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy radio shows in my car.

It's gonna be a good weekend for a road trip.

Just a reminder, Toyboat is playing at OVFF at noon on Friday. We will also be in the Pegasus Awards concert Friday night doing Come To Mordor by Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff.

We will also have our CD release party at OVFF this weekend at 11 am Saturday in the Con Suite.

And CDs are for sale at toyboatband.com. If you get your order in today, I may be able to get it in the mail before I hit the road tomorrow.

OH, and Would You Like To Play A Game will be on thefump.com Friday as well.
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Ok folks, the moment you have all dreaded has arrived.

We are just over two weeks away from the release of the very first full length Toyboat CD. The official release date is October 24th at OVFF. If you want to order it now, there is a Paypal link on the band website. All preorders will ship on or about October 27th. We will also be taking orders at Conclave this weekend.
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We will be at Conclave in Romulus MI October 9-11, 2009 (time to be announced, I think it's Saturday afternoon)

We will be at OVFF in Dublin OH. We will be playing at noon on Friday. We will also have a CD release party that weekend. More information to come. (I am doing my best to remain calm, I'm not doing it well, we're playing at OVFF !!!)

There will be at least one more show this year, but I need to wait to announce it. It's gonna be kinda special.

Coming up next year

We will be at Penguicon April 30th - May 2nd. (show time to be announced)

And more to be announced as soon as we know.
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More later when I get some sleep and get the rest of the way home. I'm in Joliet now and will do the rest of the trip tomorrow morning.
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Problem is, it was supposed to be Ohio ... more when I get a flight back
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For the upcoming cons that is. I waited too long to reserve for Archon and I am across the friggin road at the Motel 6 ... I have reservations for OVFF and Windycon as well.
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Exchanging Stupid DADGAD Tricks with Moonwulf.

Him: I am definitely stealing that
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Just got back here, so the 3rd part of the trip is over. A nice drive, [livejournal.com profile] alymid (who is feeling much better) and I babbled most of the way back and listened to a lot of music (some good, some not so much)

I met a bunch of new folks, a couple of which I definitely have to hang out with again sometime before the next OVFF. Hung out with some folks I had known for some time, but had never spent much time with. Got to see some folks who I haven't seen in awhile.

Sold quite a few of the new CD, and got orders for even more. Makes me happy.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. Now all I have to do is head back to Iowa tomorrow.

And then Con On The Cob in two weeks ...


Oct. 28th, 2007 12:41 am
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It was a pretty good night, but very competitive everywhere.

I went to [livejournal.com profile] markbernstein's classic comedy themed filk and did my best to stretch it just a little (ok, maybe not very much) I did

Dead Puppies (Edsl, Ogden)
The Philosopher's Song (Python, Monty)
The Urban Spaceman (Innes, Neil)
Ready Mades (Guy, The Same)

The hour was filled with Tom Lehrer songs and many others.

I then went looking for a circle and finally settled in the big room for a bit where I had a chance to play one song, WYSIWYG, and then decided to come back to the room and crash out. [livejournal.com profile] alymid has been sick all weekend, and we may take off earlier than planned if she is not up to being outside a room with a bed.

I've had a great time. Nice meeting some new folk, and getting to see some old friends.
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It was a nice drive, but I have now been up (with a short nap) since 4:30. Not a good idea. I was feeling a little out of sorts earlier. WAY out of sorts.

They announced the one-shots, and my name was an alternate. So I ran and got my guitar, and then they announced that they mispoke, and the one shots were the next day and it was two-fers tonight. So, got a little worked up. I don't get nervous very often, but I certainly was tonight. As it stands I am an alternate for the one-shots in the early afternoon, and Toyboat is on at 3:10, which is more important. We are signed up for Roman Wall Blues, but I think we are going to do our version of The Lady instead, at least that is what I hear from someone else in the band. Fine with me, I agree that revealing our more twisted side (as we did at the blues jam) is pretty important.

Tonight in the circle in the hall I got a few songs in, Oh Shannon (what a twisted way to introduce myself to folks who hadn't seen me), Only Coffee House In Town and How Can I Miss You (with folks singing along this time). That helped my mood a lot, and now it's sleep time. Too long awake, with two nights with too little sleep.

Tomorrow I am going to the DADGAD workshop and the dulcimer workshop (late since it's about the same time as Toyboat are going to play)

It's turned into a good day ... how was your day?

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