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Kitties and Doggies, Kitties and Doggies, Kitties and DOGGIES, Kitties and Doggies
Kitties and Doggies, Kitties and Doggies, Kitties and DOGGIES, Kitties and Doggies
Kitties and Doggies, Kitties and Doggies, Kitties and DOGGIES, Kitties and Doggies


LOJO !!!

Nov. 12th, 2008 04:24 pm
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Lojo Russo had a CD release party in Des Moines last week, and ya know ... she's having another one in Minneapolis this weekend. So go see her already !!!

Friday, November 14th ~ 9p
Cedar & Riverside / Minneapolis, MN
Back to where it all began... w/ special guests, Talking Tree

She is one of the best performers I know. She is best known in fandom as the bass player in Cat's Laughing with Emma Bull, Adam Stemple and Steven Brust. If I wasn't already booked in Chicago, I'd come up for it.
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Hello My Fine Folk!

Here's a show EVERYONE can come to - no matter where you are!

This Monday, April 14th at 7pm CST I'll be doing a live broadcast on KUNI (NPR) Radio's "Live From Studio One" show. I'll be doing some of the new stuff from my soon to be released CD, little white box, as well as the old favorites.

Here's how Everyone can enjoy the show:
1) Come to the KUNI campus and be part of the studio audience.
2) Listen to streaming live audio on the web.

Hear me when you get there ;)


Lojo live on the radio ... FUNFUNFUN !!!
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Tonight I am going to see the ever so fabulous Lojo Russo at the ever so fabulous Ritual Cafe in Des Moines.

After, I am driving to Minneapolis. If anyone is up, and feels like giving me a call after 10 or 10:30, it would be helpful I am sure.

Saturday I am going to try to head over to where [ profile] wyngarde is doing his bit for 24 hour comic day.

At 3:30 I am on the air on KFAI on Shockwave Radio Theater.

At 7:30 I am performing at Tillie's Bean.

See some of you there I hope.

It's gonna be a busy weekend.
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The ever so fabulous Lojo Russo is appearing at The Ritual Cafe this friday the 22nd in Des Moines. Highly recommended. While she is a brilliant serious songwriter, she is one of the few people who have reduced me to hysterics with a song.


Mar. 27th, 2004 01:10 am
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Oh my fun ... I'll rant some more tomorrow.

She played a great set. I paid her for a out of print CD that someone had burned for me (I felt that I should)

I ran into some of the DMSFS folks. I am playing two shows at Demicon.

It was a great night.

Lojo !!!

Mar. 25th, 2004 07:27 pm
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If all goes well ... I get to see Lojo play tomorrow night ... FUN !!!
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Like she never heard that joke before ...

I just got three Lojo Russo discs in the mail ... I'm a happy puppy !!! (go'wan and gloat Star)
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So ... I have the studio set up semi-permanently in the upstairs room of the warehouse out back here ... tonight is the test to see how things work. I'm hoping for good things ...

Anyway ... some more comments on the weekend.

I did a songwriting panel with Lojo and a guy named Kris ... I realized that I knew Kris from Boheme ... I saw some of his band's set later and they are quite good ... and I expect them to be VERY good in a year or so's time ... some really adventerous songs ... interesting dynamics ...

But ... the panel ... I suppose the main thing that amazed me was that no one asked "the question" ... who are your favorites ... probably just as well ... anyone who knows me knows that I can go on at some length about my favorite songwriters ...

I think of the panel as being as much of a jam as the jam session later that night ... we all riffed off each other and the folks watching ... and were all on the same wavelength ...

One thing that made me sad was that we didnt get a chance to get further into the "why" someone writes songs ... the necessity ...

We did get to hear a little of a song that Lojo had written that morning ... I'm listening to her pre-release CD right now ... man ... I can't wait for the whole thing to get released ...

canya tell that I am now a raving fan ???


May. 4th, 2003 04:29 pm
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I'll post approximate set lists later ... since I am pretty brain dead ... and I didnt follow my list ... and played two very different shows the two nights ...

I played at the Demicon Science Fiction Convention this weekend ... two shows and a late night jam session saturday .. the audiences were exceptional ... my thanks to Josh who ran things ... and special thanks to Lojo Russo ( for tossing some nifty fills on Hides last night ... that is the one song that most folks WON'T try to do anything with when I play it ... and what she did was exceptional ...

PLUS ... her show as incredible ... smart ... tuneful ... frequently wildy funny ... then she'll turn around and tear your heart out ... my kind of a songwriter ...

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