My weekend

Nov. 23rd, 2014 10:43 am
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So, yesterday. A football game. First of all, I hate football, I really do. I used to watch it occasionally when I was a kid, but over the years I have come to despise it.

That said, it was the most active day I have had since I got hurt earlier this year. I walked about 3 1/2 miles according to Lizzie. That included a 35% incline up to our seats, and not a short distance. Then a walk all the way down to the 6th row. Going down stairs is still hard for me, my center of gravity is still forward. Then back up those stairs later, and back down the incline, also difficult.

And we gamed last night.

My legs are kinda done today, but I'm still in better shape than I was just a couple months ago.

I keep going forward.

Hey ...

Jul. 24th, 2014 02:34 pm
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Good news. Finally.

Well, I am doing generally better. PT is kicking my butt, but in a good way.

Money is still a bit hairy, but better than I thought. Insurance covered pretty much everything for my hand. All of what I went through this last month cost very little and CD sales covered most of that. Thank you everyone who helped.

We're still dealing with the lost wages but it fell on a month where some of that can be dealt with.

If you want to help out, we do have CDs and shirts for sale. Even if you don't want to help out, we still have CDs and shirts for sale.
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Sleep, lots and lots of sleep. I feel so good today. And we have a houseful. Jared and Reilly are over for the first time since I got hurt. It's lovely. We're making a run to Des Moines later in the day for GC and custard. They are staying over tonight as well. Just as well, we are off to Detroit next weekend. Then home for a weekend, then off with them to Musecon. That will be our last con until Capricon. Next year it is likely that the only cons will be Cap, Balticon and Demicon.

We have shows coming up, next weekend at Detcon, then a couple in August, a couple in September. I'll post about those later.

Moving forward in leaps and bounds now. I am still being careful.
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Still trying to get some CDs sold. We have a lot of extra bills the next couple of months and we can use all the help we can get.

There are CDs and shirts on the webpage below. We're almost sold out of shirts, we only have a few sizes left. We do have both of our CDs available. We will also include a burned copy of the Summer Singles with every purchase. If you go to our Bandcamp page, linked on the page below, you can get all of our songs in mp3 or flac format.

Please boost the signal, and if you can think of anywhere else we could post this that wouldn't mind, please let us know.


Jul. 6th, 2014 10:32 am
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I got sleep. That has been the main problem over the week or so, I just haven't been sleeping. I woke up about 1:30, in the nights before that meant I would be awake till dawn. I was back asleep in an hour. I woke up around dawn, and went back to sleep until a little after 10. So about 9 hours of sleep total, the most I have gotten since before this all began. I've been averaging 3-4 the last week.

It feels glorious!
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I am frequently overwhelmed by the people I know. Being a bit of a misanthrope, being a bit of an introvert (yeah, I know, it's hard to believe but both Lizzie and I are kind of shy homebodies by nature), I am continually amazed that people actually like me.

I am even more amazed when I ask for help, and people give it. We have sent out packages today, enough to pay for any of the remaining medical bills for my hand. One of my dearest friends showed up at our door today, handed us cash, and then took off. (it was kinda cute)

I have no idea what we have left from the last month, but thank you for this bit of piece of mind that you have given me.

Next week is going to be rough. I go back to work on Monday, and It's still pretty rough getting around. I still wear out really fast. I will be careful.

And if you still want to help us out, go take a listen. CDs are for sale on our website. There is a link on that page to our Bandcamp page, where you can listen to all of our releases.

Thank you. Everyone who has posted kind thoughts on my various pages, everyone who has bought a CD, everyone who has boosted the signal.

And thank you to my beloved Lizzie Crowe. She has pulled me through two crises this year. I hope this is the end of it.
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I'm going to be doing this occasionally over the next couple of weeks. Please, if you can, repost this, spread the signal. And please let people know why.

As most of you know, I have been off work for a month now with a pinched nerve. I spent a lot of that on my back. Lizzie took leave to take care of me, since I was not able to take care of myself without a lot of screaming and crying. The pain was horrible.

Lizzie is not getting paid for that time. I didn't think so, she thought that she might, but it's unpaid leave.

We don't know how much the medical bills will be. Not a lot, I have good insurance, but we are still hurting and a bit scared.

So, we're asking that you take a look at our music. We have two CDs out and a series of singles that were released last summer. We also have shirts for sale.

If you have the slightest interest in our music, please go take a listen and if you like what you hear, buy a CD. All of our music is also available on our Bandcamp page, which is linked to at the bottom of our merch page. You can also listen to everything on Bandcamp.

We do intend to play all of the shows we have now, after having to cancel a couple. Come out and see us. Throw some money in our jar.

This is hard to ask. I have always been a firm believer in supporting my friends who make music, but it's always been a little odd to push my own.

Please Help us out if you can.
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Trying to sit at the table earlier today was a disappointment. Not unexpected, but still.

One of the problems, your basic solid wood dining room chair.

I decided I needed to get out of the house. You cannot believe how enclosed I have felt over the last weeks. From being in bed all the time, to being able to be in bed, or on the couch. It's been so frustrating.

To be in the car, I had to put the seat down all the way so I could lay down wherever we went. Think about that, the feeling of helplessness.

We got in the car, I put the seat up, and then slightly back, and off we went, just driving around town. Windows open, not going anywhere in particular. It was glorious. I felt better than I have in almost a month. I thought about work, and sitting up at home and decided to head to Staples.

I found a comfortable chair. Sat in it for a good 10 minutes. No leg twinges, no pain. That chair is now sitting in our dining room.

I never had to lay down in the car. I was up the entire time.

I'm still weak, I still have a long ways to go, but we have a new thing now. We get out of the house every day for the next week. We go somewhere. I get out of the car and walk a bit.

Big step forward.
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I keep hoping we can get some sales. We certainly need the money. Both of our physical CDs are available at You can get digital downloads at, you can also listen to the music there, see if you like it. If you buy both CDs we will throw in a burned copy of the summer singles, normally only available on Bandcamp or at shows.

Also, all of my solo CDs are available for download at Bandcamp as well. They are pay what you want so even free downloads right now would make me feel better.

We've been through hell this year between the pneumonia and the pinched nerve. I have been out of work for a total of 6 weeks so far this year, Lizzie 3 weeks. Please help us out. Please spread the signal.

An update

Jun. 26th, 2014 07:26 pm
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I'm hoping on getting back to work on Monday. From how I have done today, with a bit of running around, this doesn't seem likely. I'm just so weak. The leg is better every day. Very little pain today, and that mostly from standing in one place. Walking is working pretty well.

My main worry is if they will approve the short term disability. I've already had to pay out so much money this year over health issues, both Lizzie and mine. If I have to pay for the last couple of weeks of work, we're in a bit of trouble.

If you haven't heard Lizzie and I, and have a bit of interest in what Cheshire Moon sounds like. Now would be a good time to go exploring. We could use the help.

Also, all 4 of my solo CDs are available at, pay what you want. They are

Fear And Self Loathing in Central Iowa (EP). 4 songs, three of which were rerecorded and in most cases rewritten for the later CDs
Some See The Glass Half Empty - My first full length CD, featuring Bang My Bald Spot, as heard on the Dr Demento show.
Eric Comes Alive - Recorded almost by accident, it's live at Windycon. It was a fun show.
I Had To Suffer For My Art, Now It's Your Turn. Some of my best songs, the best recorded stuff from my solo years, it sold the worst. Go figger.
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My hand is doing better today. Yesterday my grip was really weak, today it is stronger. Still not up to full strength, but that will take awhile.

I have few pain issues from my hand as long as the area worked on doesn't make contact with anything. Most of my pain issues are from my desk and chair at work. We're trying to get my workspace figured out, but it has been awful the last couple of months.

There are certain things I have decided I can't do at work, I need to talk to my co-workers and get them sorted out. I should be able to get back to them next week. Mostly things involving the metal printing plates for the presses.

I can type just fine (or as fine as I normally do). The mouse bothered me over the weekend, but doesn't now.

Friday evening I will get to work on the guitar, I will have 2 1/2 weeks to get ready for the next show. If today is any indication, it shouldn't be a problem.

The update

May. 13th, 2014 12:43 pm
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And the verdict is in. If my thumb has gone back to where it is in the time since I had the last cortisone shot, another shot will make no difference. So, Thursday May 29.

On the plus side, he says that I can get back to playing guitar as soon as the stitches are out, and I have almost four weeks to get back to where I need be for a short set. If I am not up to it by that time, it's ok, since it's a short set opening for Heather Dale at a house concert at our place, and I can back out of that if need be, or pick songs carefully to put the least strain on my thumb.. The next show is Detcon a month later.

It will take about 5 minutes. I will be awake for it. I expect it to be kinda creepy but cool as well. I ended up with two or three stitches last time, should be the same this time. My grip will change. But the doctor seems to think that it should be workable.
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Going to the doctor tomorrow. Another case of trigger thumb, this time on my right hand. I hope that I can avoid surgery for awhile, but it's coming.

I went in in December and they gave me a cortisone shot, which helped for several months. If all goes well they will do that again, and I can get through this years shows and take some time off from playing in October. If not, I have a plan. I know that my grip was dodgy on my left hand for awhile. I have never gotten back quite all the strength. So I am worried about it being my pick hand. But I have a plan for picks involving super glue and staples that I think will work. I just want to be able to keep playing my instruments. I already had to quit the drums, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't play guitar.

Oh, and I have this issue with my left knee. I guess I'm not done with surgery until I collect the entire set. I limp therefore I am. I will say that where I work seems to have a lot to do with my knee. It gets better the longer I am away from work. When I was home with pneumonia, my legs were great by the end of it. I have tried all kinds of configurations with my work space, but nothing seems to change. By the end of the day I can't walk. The real worry is that it kept it up all weekend, something that hasn't really happened before.


Mar. 11th, 2014 03:43 pm
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The last month or so has been really tough. It seems that every year, early in the year, that I have something go terribly wrong. Two years ago the hand surgery, last year my knee, this year pneumonia. Last year, especially, was rough. I am still recovering from the aftermath of the knee surgery and the months leading up to it.

I'm not letting it stop me this year. I've started walking again, and it's about time. My knees get a little annoyed at me, but they can complain for awhile. I lost close to 15 lbs while ill, I have gained back half of that. It's time to get it going in the right direction again. A quarter mile yesterday, a half mile today. I am shooting for a half mile the next two days, then up it next week.
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First of all, I am feeling so much better, still a little stuffed up but I can sleep again. I am still being careful. I think that the crisis is past. Thank you everyone for all of the good feelings that have come my way over the last month or so. You have all helped me so much.

This weekend Reilly has her first real dance competition of the season. The nice thing, it's about a half mile from our house, so no spending hours in the car.

In just over a week Lizzie and I are heading out to play a show in Chicago (then we have hours in the car). New music is happening. The other night Jared introduced me to a nifty new tuning, C#,G#,D#,G#,C,D#. I have a really cool new piece of music thanks to him.

Life is getting better. The last 5 weeks have been hell, but I seem to have come through it ok. Now to get back to being active again.

Round two

Feb. 22nd, 2014 10:39 pm
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As the day went along I started having problems breathing. We ran Reilly back over to her Mom's and by the time we were there had halfway decided that I was ok. We then thought better of it and headed to the ER anyway, since it really was that bad.

Yeah, a bit of pneumonia in my left lung again. I figure I will miss more work. Spend more time bored at home. But I can breathe a little better now and should be able to get some sleep tonight.

It's been a month now.
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Things are a little tricky. Viral pneumonia. I'm going on my second round of antibiotics starting tonight. My doctor is adding a steroid on top of it. I have now missed a week of work with no end in sight. I've lost 11 lbs in a week.

Every year around this time, something horrible.
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I have been a little quiet on my knee and other stuff lately. Mostly because things are going so well.

My major problem now is that I sat on a couch for 4 months waiting for the surgery. I'm in terrible shape. That is changing. I put on a bit of weight and am working on losing that and more. I am more mobile than I have been in a year and a half.

The main thing is, I don't have any pain. To be more correct, I don't have any pain that isn't ordinary middle aged stuff. I don't want to get out of bed in the morning, but, admittedly, a lot of that is because I have a warm cuddly Lizzie there.

Memorial Day I was busy. We got to the venue at noon to see the start of things. We left for a couple hours in the middle of the day and then I was back until midnight for the drum jam. I couldn't have done that even a month ago.

I am feeling better and better all the time. I am hoping on being back to where I want to be in time for the fall shows. I hate playing shows sitting down. I'm still doing it for the time being, but I hate it.

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