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Jim Rutz says that soy makes you gay. I don't know about the science here (especially since this is from, but I think that when he says "Homosexuals often argue that their homosexuality is inborn because "I can't remember a time when I wasn't homosexual." No, homosexuality is always deviant.", well, that says it all.

A young man found a pellet gun. He gave it to the assistant principal, who expelled him. Sure he probably should have left the gun where it was and went to get the principal, but ... expelled?

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link fixed
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Dennis Prager - Constitutional Scholar

In pretty much a slam dunk. I have one REAL good contestant for this week, but I am looking for some good competition for him. As soon as I find something I'll get the poll posted. If anyone has something interesting that you think I might use ... email me at ericcoleman at gmail dot com
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Bob Kearns, for his work in Peace, Love & Understanding

This weeks poll has just been posted
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For last week are

Take A Bike Ride Sir


The News (which always seems to win on occasions like this)

I will try to have a new poll up this afternoon.
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Ok, we all know who won last week (like there was really a choice), but I hope that this weeks gives you more of a challenge. Because in honor of having a week off next week, I am offering not one but two (yeah, count 'em, two) Foreman Awards this week. One is about national "news" and the other set is a bit more personal.

A double dose of that Foreman Love )
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Ok, the winner last week was Space is deep, you are not.

This week is a little closer to home. Real close actually ...

I am about a mile from home heading to work. Coming up is an exit and a entrance onto the highway. Behind me are several cars a half mile or more back. In front of me is a semi. There are 3 vehicles coming down the entrance ramp, two cars and an SUV in the lead. I back off a little to give the semi some room to move over so he dosn't drive any cars into the ditch, assuming they are not bright enough to slow down some or speed up a lot. The back two cars slow down. The front SUV keeps going. The semi keeps going until finally the SUV runs right onto the shoulder.

Now normally I would feel bad for the driver of the SUV, being driven off the road. But when I came up alongside her I see why she had driven in such a clueless manner. She was chatting away cheerfully on her cel phone.

So, who wins. The semi who wouldn't move, or the dingbat who wouldn't watch what was going on?
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Welcome back edition

My apologies for not doing one of these for a month or so now, but life and work and the new CD have been getting in the way pretty constantly.

I have two wildly different contestants this week. Each masters of the Foreman form in their own way. First is the one we shall call

Space is deep, you are not.
There is a woman in Russia is suing NASA for the Tempel 1 experiment. Her case? She is an astrologer and they are interfering with her business. She is suing NASA for 300 million dollars.

Ok, the next one is a little more down to earth. I call this one

There are a lot of bikers around Ames, a lot of them. Most of them are pretty decent and know how to handle the roads around the town. I am heading out of town on the 65 mph highway and going the other way are two bikers. On the freeway. Riding. Slow. Uphill. Illegally.

UPDATE Those being bicycles of course ... not motorcycles, which of course would be legal on a highway.
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There aren't supposed to be cars on the street

I should have something new tomorrow.

And I only have had one person answer the contest. There has to be at least one more person who can figger out my Ferris Bueller moment.
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In-Convenience Store Week

So, these were things that happened to me last week, both of which struck me as deeply silly.

The root of all dumbness
I never understand the idea of carrying around one's life savings at all times. Especially when it consists of many many 100 dollar bills. I was getting a soda one morning and the fellow in front of me was attempting to buy a Mountain Dew and a donut with a 100 dollar bill. It wasn't so much that he tried to buy them, but that he was genuinally pissed when the woman told him that she couldn't give him 98 dollars in change for his purchase. He then reached into his wallet and pulled out two ones and stomped out of the building.

There aren't supposed to be cars on the street
SAME DAY, yup it was a special day. As I headed into town to go to work I realized I was low on gas, so I stopped to get some. This particular gas station is on what passes for a major corner in Ames IA. The north south light went red and a guy squealed into a turn and through the gas station parking lot. He came to the other side to find ... guess what ... MOVING TRAFFIC !!! Yup, he got stuck there for longer than he would have if he had waited for the light. The language coming from his car was wonderful.

The winner

May. 23rd, 2005 11:42 am
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I'm So Touched By Your Presence, Deer is the winner for last week.

I can't guarantee that I will have a poll this week, between a road trip, being too busy working on too many projects and not feeling all that well I haven't had time to do a lot of research this week, but this could change as the day goes along ...

So ... how are you ???
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But the winner last week was

Don't Try To Confuse Me With The Facts.

It was close though

Next poll coming shortly.
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I will have a new contest tomorrow sometime.
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These are both things that happened to me this week. Of course it is not the first time for either but who cares ...

We'll be right back with more stuff )
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I dunno, you as bored as me with reporting on things with real substance? is the winner this week by a commanding margin.

New poll tomorrow.

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