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What we played today ...

Tea & Fireflies (a Callenwood song)
Hamlin’s Bow (a Callenwood song) (first performance)
Beast Within
Nighty Knights
Loki Loves You
Spinning Skies & Mirrors (first performance)
Callenwood Pt 1 (ok, you know the drill)
Alice In Zombieland
Circus Of Dreams

Shows !!!

May. 29th, 2017 08:03 pm
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Get ready for the Cheshire Moon "We've been pounded by all kinds of extra bills" midwestern tour!

And, we booked all these before all this happened ... clever that.

We have gotten pounded with hospital and automotive bills the last month. If you have wanted to see us play, now is the time! We have lots of music for sale, including two new CDs. You can put money in our jar (virtual in the case of the Concert Window show). You can see us in our living room (live or virtual), in a church and in someone else's living room (both of those live). Oh, and the Chicago show ... we're bringing Susan! That doesn't happen every often.

And if you want CDs, they are available on our website, If you want downloads, they are available at

June 3 - Concert Window - 1pm Central

June 9 - 2nd Friday Coffeehouse Chicago - 7 PM
The Peoples Church of Chicago, 941 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago,

June 10 - House Concert at the Abzug Ampitheatre Champaign, IL - 7 Central Geekish Time
RSVP to Dnabzug at gmail dot com
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We went back into the studio Wednesday and got some more stuff recorded. There are now backing tracks for Ghost Train, Beast Within, Nighty Knights and The Midnight Contingent.

We go back in Wednesday to record one more guitar part, and then Lizzie will record vocals for the rest. We should be done recording then, with just mixing to do.

Those of you who went for the bonus on Concert Window could have the DL as soon as next weekend, but probably the week after sometime!

Then we start to work on the full band CD! Look for a Kickstarter coming soon to an internet near you!
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The latest Concert Window show is posted on You Tube! Several new songs. Our, ahem, unique, ahem, take on Wassail. And it was my Birthday!

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Fun happened! Some new songs! Some newish songs! We skipped over a couple of things! We skipped some parts of songs! We skipped to our Lou!

The Midnight Contingent
Circus Of Dreams
Horizon (second time played!)
Loki Loves You
Boneman’s Daughter
Alice In Zombieland
Don’t Look Now
Banshee (brand new!)
Nighty Knights (see above, and blame Adam Whitlach!)
Winter’s Night

Thank you for coming out and playing with us! And making my birthday so much fun!

The recording should be done next week or so, folks who have gotten the DL will be contacted in the next week or two with a DL link.

Then we start getting the full band album started!
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That was fun!

It's always a little odd, playing to an audience who you can't talk to directly. Still, our friends always have something to say, even if it's typing. Thank you everyone for being in our world for a little while. We're off for almost a month, so songwriting will happen. We hope to get all of the songs for The Midnight Contingent done in the next week or so, and to start rehearsing for the recording. It's only a year later than we had originally planned, but life happens.

What we played tonight!

Single White Monster
Loki Loves You
Witch In Your Story
The National Anthem For Her Majesty
Masters of Library Science
Calvin's Girl
Widows Garden
Alice In Zombieland
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7 - 8 pm Central in honor of Her Majesty Queen Marinda!

All I can say is ... God Save The Queen!
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Concert Window lets you post your show on You Tube! So we did!

For those of you who missed it, here it is again!

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It was a fun start to what will hopefully be a series of shows on Concert Window this year. It's odd playing to people you can't see, but we had a few friends over and that made it a little easier.

What we played today

Circus of Dreams
Hot McGonagall
Loki Loves You (first time)
Witch in your Story
Call Me Home
Child of the Library
Stream of Consciousness
Calvin's Girl
She Moved Through the Faire
Alice in Zombieland

Concert Window says that we can use the video for any non commercial use, so it is likely that some, if not all, of it will end up on You Tube. We will probably do this again end of summer.

Thank you everyone who came and listened!
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We are doing a show May 21 on Concert Window!

We're taking requests on the Facebook Event.

If there is anyone you think might want to know, please tell them!

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