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It's gonna be a weekend! Chicago Friday night, Champaign Saturday night.

The Peoples Church of Chicago
941 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60640
7:30 - 9pm

The Abzug Ampitheatre (and we're going to keep calling it that until they make us stop)
RSVP David Abzug - Dnabzug at gmail

And don't worry, if you miss us, we will be back in the Western burbs next month, and back in Chicago and at Pagan Pride in September.
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I promised myself that I would not start putting together shows for next year until the end of this year.

Yeah, that lasted ...

We are cutting down quite a bit, but we are trying to put together a few double weekends.

We're looking for a place to play in the Madison or Milwaukee area July 9 (we're in Chicago on the 8th). We're looking for something in the Chicago area Sept 17 (we're in Oak Park Sept 18).

Any sort of coffee house, any place where geeks hang out, or house concert. Comment or send me a message if you have an idea!

We, as a general rule, do not play at bars.
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Ok, back to the regular day! I finally get around to talking about the weekend.

Amazing, simply amazing. First ... the set list!

Out Of The Light
The Weaving (with special guest Cathy McManamon)
Snow White
Village By The Sea

It was great to be able to do The Weaving live again. Normally we only do that on those rare occasions we play with Susan (working on a spring show in Chicago). Cathy stepped up to help out, and it was marvelous.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out and watching the world go by. Most of that was watching Lizzie run around like the marvelous maniac that she is. She was able to see folks she hadn't seen in a few years. She got to be part of the main ritual. It was such a Lizzie day!

Xap, Lizzie and I went to Pita Inn for dinner, and Monday morning started the long drive home. Long you say? I will write about that more on my page later. We took a slight detour!

Two weeks and we are at St Louis Pagan Pride, then a week after that Archon. Then we are home for awhile!

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