Feb. 15th, 2015 09:28 am
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It was a long show last night. Originally Susan was going to join us for a few songs at the end of the show. This got a little out of hand. Yeah, she played with us from Widows Garden to the end. It was amazing!

She and I have so much fun with Calvin's Girl, and the version last night was gorgeous! We're playing with her again in April at the 2nd Friday Coffeehouse, so come on out.

Circus Of Dreams (1st performance)
Call Me Home (1st performance)
Witch In Your Story
Single White Monster
Don't Look Now (1st performance)
Hot McGonagall (1st performance on a Chicago stage)
11-12 (1st performance)
Navigator (1st performance)
Widows Garden
Calvin's Girl
Critters (Sparkle & Esler made an appearance)
Stream of Consciousness
If I Were The Rain
Snow White Red Road
Village By The Sea
Masters of Library Science

So, what did you think of the new songs?

We didn't make it to circle either night, I have been too burned out. The last month has been hard. This makes me sad, playing in circle is one of my favorite things to do.

Off to a panel in a bit, then Toast & Jam. We're staying over tonight, didn't want to have to rush to get home today.

It's not quite been the weekend I wanted, I had to spend too much of it in downtime, but it's still be a marvelous time. And the show last night was a great way to come back after a break!

Thank you everyone for playing along with us last night, in the words of Lauren Bacall, it's better when you help.
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Ok, new songs that will be performed at the Cap show!
11 To 12
Don't Look Now
Hot McGonagall (ok, not new, but not played at a Chicago show yet)

And maybe two more if we get them done!

Susan will be joining us for a few songs!

I will have some new toys with me!

Any requests? It's just a few weeks away!
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I hadn't posted the set list. Here is what we played Friday night

Daughter Of The Red
Child Of Stars
If I Were The Rain
Out Of The Light
World Walker
Calvin's Girl
She Moved Through The Faire (trad)
Widows Garden

All our own songs except for She Moved Through The Faire.


Feb. 7th, 2012 12:09 pm
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Hmmm, I'm a little busy this weekend.

Concert Setup and Sound Checks (Friday) - Friday, 02-10-2012 - 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm - River AB (Programming - Media)
Concert setup and sound checks for Bill & Gretchen Roper and Cheshire Moon.

Cheshire Moon Concert - Friday, 02-10-2012 - 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm - River AB (Programming - Media)
Cheshire Moon is the fanciful collaboration of trickster bird Lizzie Crowe and crazed magician Eric Coleman. What began as a simple joining of two talents in song circles, and occasionally during the mad-hatter antics of Eric Coleman on stage, whipped and frothed into the most likely of pairs. Eric’s love of punk, folk and prog rock gives them an eerie, otherworldly sound, while Lizzie brings the voice of that otherworld to life in chorus and verse. Together they bring about a torrent that is as playful as it is lightly sinister, all wrapped up in a pretty little beribboned box. Do you dare to open it?

SF/F Music that Isn't Filk - Saturday, 02-11-2012 - 11:30 am to 1:00 pm - Birch A
Science Fiction and Fantasy has inspired more music than just filk. Artists such as David Bowie, Rush, Styx, Radiohead, the Flaming Lips, and Janelle Monae have incorporated genre tropes and stories into their songs and albums. We discuss some of our favorites.
Ooh, I'm the moderator on this one!

Forgotten Role Playing Games of the 1980s - Saturday, 02-11-2012 - 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm - Birch A
Do you remember Paranoia, Space: 1889, or Champions? This panel will reminisce about some of the best role-playing games of the 1980s other than Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Concert Setup and Sound Checks (Saturday) - Saturday, 02-11-2012 - 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm - River AB (Programming - Media)
Concert setup and sound checks for Toyboat and Il Troubadore. May be able to start later... this is my "worst case" time slot until I have confirmation from Dave Ifverson of how much time we need.

Toyboat Unclogged! - Saturday, 02-11-2012 - 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm - River AB (Programming - Media)
The question Toyboat is most often asked is "Why are the guitars distorted? Is there something wrong with the guitars?". So, due to underwhelming demand, Toyboat will leave their electric instruments at home (except for Raven, he'll still bring his organ, we tried to get him to play the accordion, but he just looked at us like we were crazy, still, he always looks at us like that) and bring … yeah … acoustic guitars, standup bass and real drums. There is still no safe minimum distance.
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Last night in the filk circle at CAP (geeze) I asked Lizzie to marry me. For reasons no one (other than she) can work out, she said yes.

She is moving in a month (exactly, we should be to my our place by this time of the evening if all goes well). The wedding is still being worked out, but looks to be, most likely, in late August in the Chicago area.

We are both very happy.


Feb. 10th, 2011 10:28 am
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I am doing two shows this weekend, a solo show Friday at 4. Saturday at 4, it's the Eric & Andy show. Yup, Andy is coming to Capricon.


Feb. 14th, 2010 12:44 am
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Would You Like To Play Game?
This Island Earth
Sunset Boulevard
Sucked Through A Wormhole
Reach For The Stars
Banned From Argo
Rocket Launcher/Gimmie Shelter
Zombie Mama
Mary O'Meara Blues

It sure felt like a train wreck. There is a recording. I'd like to hear it just to see if it sounded better out front. Between the stuff with the station and everything else, it's been a pretty bad con.
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Last Ride (Nixon/Coleman)
I Got Nothing
Then the lovely Lizzie came onstage and we did

Cat's Eye (Howard Ashby Kranz)
Bloodletting (Concrete Blonde)

Expect to hear more from the two of us

Heaven Out On The Highway (I'll get this recorded as soon as I can, it needs to be on The FUmp)
My Hope For You
Side Effects
Women Like You

So, 5 new(ish) songs, most of which went pretty well.
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See some of you in 6-7 hours. If anyone feels like giving me a call during that time, feel free. Headsets are your friend when you spend as much time driving as I do.
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We will be performing at 9pm Saturday at Capricon ... more info as we get it.
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The bad stuff (let's get rid of that first)
Nervousness over my first show in awhile (which led to me being a basket case much of Thursday and Friday)
Bronchitis (which sent me to bed most of the day Saturday)
A dead radio station (may it live again)

The good stuff
As mentioned before, my show with the ever so lovely and talented [ profile] sweetmusic_27.
Howling Boat (or Toy Beagle) pulling a show out of our ... ummm, doing a show on the fly to fill in time. The 4 of us had never played those songs before, and I think we were pretty darn good.
TWO [ profile] filkertom shows, both different, both brilliant
Two visits to my favorite holy place
YUMMY indian food with good friends Saturday evening (at which point I started feeling better)
[ profile] sweetmusic_27's solo show ... I had no idea you could sing like that
[ profile] tollers's solo show ... But I already knew you could sing like that
[ profile] harperjen's solo show ... see above
The three folks mentioned above and their show Saturday night, I only saw a bit, but man it was good.
Being able to play with my band in a couple different contexts.
Some nifty news that a few of you have heard, and that hopefully if it comes off a lot more of you will hear toward the end of the year (hey, I gotta be vague sometimes)

It was very much a hot and cold weekend. Much of it was pretty bad, but in the end the high points far outweighed the bad parts.

And I am back to the Chicago area this weekend for Toyboat practice, then off to Marscon the following weekend for a Toyboat show in a small room ... it's gonna be ugly folks.
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So, with the help of [ profile] sweetmusic_27 I think I pulled off my first show since Archon fairly well.

Marilyn Monroe (Dan Bern)
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division)
Woman I Want
Cat's Eye (Howard Ashby Kranz)
Ready Mades (Bonzo Dog Band)
Dancer (Instrumental) and then right into ...

Ready Mades was the roughest part of the show, but the rest went well, and Amy managed to sound better than me on everything but Woman I Want, and only cause she sat out on that one.

If you like the idea of us doing Hides, come see Amy's show tomorrow, cause we're gonna do it again.


Feb. 19th, 2009 04:21 pm
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I am here ... I can't say I think much of the hotel yet, but it's only been an hour or so.

Time to go track down my badge, and find where things are.

See some of you real soon
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Probably mine.

For reasons beyond anyone's control, there will be no Radio Capricon this year. I'm bummed, since I love running the station. On the other hand, I will actually get to see people at Capricon for the first time since the year I killed the transmitter.

That also means no live broadcasts of the concerts, but there are still some nifty shows going on in the Capricon Cafe ...

2:30 - Art Warneke
3:15 - Some dweeb from Iowa (who will be joined by a cute fiddler babe, I won't mention her name so it's a surprise)
4:00 - Marty Coady Fabish
4:45 - Barry and Sally Childs-Helton

1:00 - Jen Midkiff
1:45 - Debbie Gates
2:30 - Amy McNally
3:15 - Luke Ski
4:00 - Bill Roper
4:45 - Tom Smith

Elsewhere Howlin' Beagle will be performing Thursday night at 9:00 in Ravinia. Tom Smith will also be performing Friday night at 8pm in Ravinia A and there is a Wild Mercy concert in Ravinia B 8:00 Saturday night followed by the Filk Jam

edited cause I'm forgetful sometimes, but I can't remember why

Oh ...

Feb. 6th, 2009 10:10 am
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I'm playing a show at Capricon. Yeah I know that I said I wasn't going to play solo shows, but what can I say, they asked me. 3:15 Friday afternoon.

It will also be broadcast live on Radio Capricon so anyone who can listen to internet radio at 3:15 on a Friday afternoon can listen to it (as well as a bunch of other nifty concerts, check out the schedule).

I'm trying to work out what I want to do. I think that I'll dig into the songbook a little deeper than usual, stay away from the usual stuff.

So, what songs should I do, considering that I want to stay away from the stuff I do all the time? Is there some song on one of my CDs that you want to hear live? Is there some cover song that you have seen me do live or in a song circle that you'd like to hear?

Help me out with my set list ...
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I am heading down to the studio in just a few moments to start up the station. I'll be on the air from 10 to noon central.

10am - Friends Of Eric, in which I play music by folks I have played shows with, sat in circles with, or any such thing
11am - Go Home Already - an hour of mashups, bootlegs and remixes from

Then I am off for some panels. I'm staying tonight and driving back tomorrow.

It's been a great weekend

The circle

Feb. 17th, 2008 01:19 am
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It was a very fun circle tonight. Great music all the way around.

The highlight for me was [ profile] filkertom doing Dervish. I want to state for the record, as I said just a bit ago ... Tom, that was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I know you think you bobbled the lyrics, and yes you did, just a tiny bit, not enough to matter. The main thing was, MAN does that work well with just your voice and your guitar. I forget sometimes what a great singer you are, and you certainly proved it in the circle tonight. It gave me chills, and the room's reaction backs me up. IMNSHO that needs to go into your regular set.

That said I played, or was involved in the playing of three songs, well, three and a half.

WYSIWYG - I think that was the best version I have ever done and a lot of it was due to the help of the room. Everyone played along and folks even sang along.

Sunset Boulevard - as part of Toyboat. I need to work out if I can deal with singing this along with [ profile] gundo while I play the drums. Even though at the last practice he sang it wonderfully, I really LIKE singing this.

Amy the fiddler, who I think is on LJ, but I am too lazy to go look right now, did a fiddle tune, which leant itself to some of the stuff I do in Hides, which it melded into once she was done. She joined in and so did Jim, who I don't think is on LJ. Jim has generally been too shy to play much in the circles, but he took over the rhythm completely on Hides, driving the song REALLY FRIGGIN HARD. I change tempos a lot when I play Hides, so this took me WAY out of my comfort zone, and that was a very, very, very good thing cause it ended up, while loose, one of the best versions in a long time. Probably the best since Andy and I did it at the circle at Duck.

I needed that, I really did. I feel much better then I have much of the week ... now to try to get some sleep.

Angel is on the radio right now playing some very cool, very dreamy stuff. I think I will leave it on for a bit.
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I decided to do the all serious set (mostly), and it felt good

In Crosby Park
Home Again
Don't Go Home (first three on the 12 string, the rest on the Tak, since I've been doing that lately)
One I Chased Away
Things You Never Know
Pine City Motel Blues
Attn: Complaints Department Mahtowa MN
Almost Beautiful
Woman I Want
Perfect Moments
Roman Wall Blues (Auden/Harvey)
Shake That Thing (Alex Harvey)
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I did a serious set tonight at the open mike and my oh my did it feel good.

One I Chased Away
Things You Never Know
Perfect Moments
Roman Wall Blues (Auden/Harvey)
Shake That Thing (Alex Harvey)

I have not played Shake That Thing in front of an audience since my house concert at the Palatine Air Park sometime about a 100 years ago. I had problems placing the rhythm right here and there (hey Bo Diddley) but generally I thought it was a good version.

Perfect Moments went well, except my guitar was having some neck problems, so the note that walk up during the verses were a little muffled. I was finishing the song and thought, since I was in DADGAD, that I needed to go right into another DADGAD song, so I started wandering into Roman Wall Blues. I had my lyric book out, since the first two songs are a little dusty, and reached over with my left hand, since I was just droning on the strings, and turned the page RIGHT to Roman Wall Blues ... that was cool.

I think I said this tuesday after my set there, I'm starting to feel like a musician again. I'm not trying as hard and that feels really good. I've been feeling kinda bad about music in general lately, and the sets this week have done a lot toward setting that right. So ... (and we'll see if anyone replies this time) what sort of set should I do this weekend at Cap ...

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