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It was a first for several things. The first appearance onstage of Lizzie's Mandola, the first show that I have stood up for most of since I got hurt. The first show where we got to sing with Valerie Ritchie!

What we played tonight!

Hot McGonagall
Sleep No More
The Weaving
Calvin's Girl
Widows Garden
Snow White Red Road
Village By The Sea

Now to bed. I am going to be in serious pain tomorrow, wow was it worth it!
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Concerts will run from about 7:00 or so until 10:00, with only loose attention paid to the normal break times ... Gary "MoFilker" Hanak, The Unusual Suspects, Cheshire Moon, and Pirates, Inc on stage till 10ish. I expect that Cheshire Moon will be onstage 8ish.

St Clair
11:10 : Performance Seminar I : Gary "MoFilker" Hanak, Eric Coleman
9:40 : Performance Seminar II Eric (Cheshire Moon), Cathy McManahan (Toyboat, 3/5), and probably Daniel Gunderson (Toyboat, 3/5) will join Gary "MoFilker" Hanak in addressing questions and offering tips about performing in public...

St Clair
1:30 : Performance Seminar III : Participants will play two songs of their choice to help lock in what they've learned

We are planning on staying over Sunday night, since we're both off work on Monday. I also expect that I will be running sound through a fair amount of the weekend.
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Ok, back to the regular day! I finally get around to talking about the weekend.

Amazing, simply amazing. First ... the set list!

Out Of The Light
The Weaving (with special guest Cathy McManamon)
Snow White
Village By The Sea

It was great to be able to do The Weaving live again. Normally we only do that on those rare occasions we play with Susan (working on a spring show in Chicago). Cathy stepped up to help out, and it was marvelous.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out and watching the world go by. Most of that was watching Lizzie run around like the marvelous maniac that she is. She was able to see folks she hadn't seen in a few years. She got to be part of the main ritual. It was such a Lizzie day!

Xap, Lizzie and I went to Pita Inn for dinner, and Monday morning started the long drive home. Long you say? I will write about that more on my page later. We took a slight detour!

Two weeks and we are at St Louis Pagan Pride, then a week after that Archon. Then we are home for awhile!


Oct. 7th, 2013 02:32 pm
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What a weekend. I ended up running sound most of the day Saturday. A bit crazy, but a lot of fun. All of the music was amazing. We had a great show with the best response from the audience we have ever had.

We played ...

Widows Garden
Narrow Way
The Witch In Your Story
Stream of Consciousness
Calvin’s Girl
Village By The Sea
Masters of Library Science

I ran front of house sound for Toyboat. I had asked gundo about it a couple months ago. Mostly I wanted to be busy when they were playing. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be.

I ended up singing a lot this weekend, 3 whole songs. Saturday night I did Roman Wall Blues at the request of Jason. Later I did Banned From Argo (Toyboat style) since someone wanted a Star Trek song, and no one else could come up with one.

Lizzie and I were judges for the Tin Filker Contest. 5 songs, all of them very, very good. Before Lizzie and I hit the road Sue requested How Can I Miss You, a song I had not played in a couple of years. Looking back at set lists on LJ, maybe 2010. I stumbled through it and it was kinda fun. At the same time, it doesn't really interest me. Maybe I will go back to those songs someday, but not now.

We got home about 10. Curled up in bed around 11. The cats were upset, both because we were gone and because our landlord, who they do not like, was in to do some work.

We have a weekend off, then two local shows the weekend of the 18th, then off to OVFF the following weekend. Windycon a couple of weekends after that. Then we have a break till after the first of the year. It will be time to get a little relaxation.
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I think that Toyboat hit every hope and expectation that we had for the weekend.

The new toy, a HandSonic 10, turned out to be the perfect addition to our circle gear. With it we can mimic everything from a full drum set, to a conga set to, well, more sound effects than I am comfortable with working with, well, me.

The highlight of the weekend, as far as I am concerned, was the very raucous version of Banned From Argo that we committed Friday night. The look of stunned comprehension as the folks in the circle realized what song we were doing, and what we were doing to it, which was followed by what may be the loudest sing-a-long I have ever seen in a filk circle. Yeah, it was fun.

We had plenty of time to set up, and an interesting amount of time to tear down (more about that in a moment).

This was, by a large margin, the best show we have done. There was only really one true mess up, and that was a difficultly hearing thing, not a "let's forget how to play the song" thing. We even added one new song into the set. There would have been three new songs, but, well, there was a panel right after us. So we did a 50 minute set ...

Rocket Launcher
Sunset Boulevard
This Island Earth
Banned From Argo
Roman Wall Blues
Bold Marauder
Son Of A Witch
All Along The Watchtower

It was followed by the quickest tear down I have ever seen a band do. We had the performance area cleared in about 10 minutes, and the back of the room not too long after (although we were still back there during some of the panel, our apologies if we made too much noise). Our thanks to everyone who helped out getting us out so quickly.

Saturday night we did the two of the three songs that we had to cut out of the set due to the time issue, Merlin. And then some unsuspecting person asked if anyone knew Banned From Argo ... well, what could we do. Her reaction was one of blank terror, and singing along as well. The perfect reaction to Toyboat I suppose. Sweet Home O'Meara was also requested.

At the Bardic circle in the half-round we did Sucked Through A Wormhole (the second Toyboat original) and at the Tom Smith concert we did Hellraiser again. this time mostly acoustically (with the Handsonic) and I played drums for much of the rest of the concert.

It was the best con so far for the band. Here's hoping that Windycon goes as well. We may have to learn some more war songs though.

Thank you to everyone who came to the show, and especially to the wonderful folks in the filk circles. There is a lot of talent in St Louis. We'll do our best to see you again next year.

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Ok, I did a show, which didn't seem like it was going to happen ... and then it did, and then it didn't, and then it happened. I'm glad it did, it was a fun show. I managed to get through 9 songs in an hour, yeah I digressed a little.

Trophy Wife
Woman I Want
Jordan Cochran
Hey Dad
How Can I Miss You?
Nice Guys
Hides (the "so abysmal I should quit playing solo shows" version, I wish I had finished with a good version, Hides is very dear to me)

Other than that, I think I only played two other songs of mine all weekend, oddly enough the last two on the above list.

And with that I am done. Thank you everyone who has come to a show, bought a CD, talked back to when I was on stage (even the Osmond lady), laughed at my jokes, or spoke nicely of my serious songs. You have made the last 8 years the best of my life. My intention is to record one more CD, I have about 8 or 9 songs toward it. I want decent recordings, especially, of Ghosts and Pine City Motel Blues. We'll see if I get it done.

But, now Toyboat is the focus. And more about the weekend from that point of view in a bit.
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At Archon we will be playing in the Mississippian room at 5:00 pm Saturday.

This will be the first show with our very own soundman and 5th member of the band. Yes indeed Sean, King Of All The Feedback (or lack thereof) will be running the board for us. Yes he is the latest sucker very nice person to fall in with this bunch of reprobates very nice people. If you happen to have a deity(s), please inquire as to poor Sean's safety and wisdom in this choice, and ask the deity(s) to please help him, he's going to need it.

Oh, and we will have shirts, yes the good folks at Off World Designs will deliver the shirts at the con. Hopefully we will have some left at OVFF and Windycon. But if you feel the need for one before that (but after Archon), send me an email at ericcoleman at gmail dot com and I will letcha know what you need to do to get your very own Toyboat shirt. The design is below the cut )
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For the upcoming cons that is. I waited too long to reserve for Archon and I am across the friggin road at the Motel 6 ... I have reservations for OVFF and Windycon as well.
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I am playing in Ames this Tuesday at 8 at the Ames Progressive office

I'm playing at Capricon February 15 - 5pm in the internet cafe, as well as running Radio Capricon all weekend. More information on that soon.

I am a part of The Marscon Dementia Track - February 29 - March 2. I'm playing friday night, which means you get to hear a couple of songs that I usually don't do at cons ... be afraid, this is going to be a more ... well ... let's just say that I am dipping back into my roots a little bit

I will be at Conestoga July 25-27. According to their recent new release I am playing friday night and saturday afternoon. The other musician verified is Bland Lemon Denton, (he's the guy who wrote Buddy Holly is Alive and Well and Living on Ganamede a very silly book that I dearly love).

And of course ... The Toyboat 2008 (we'll have a name for it soon) Tour

Toyboat Shows
Demicon - May 2-4
Duckon - June 13-15
Archon - October 3-5
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Toyboat practice was amazing. We got through everything in pretty good shape, and got a couple of new-ish songs arranged. We work so fast now. Their practicing a lot together has gotten them used to each other, and makes it easy for me to step in when I can get there. And this is the least ego-driven band I have ever heard of. We are all on the same page completely. It's truly a band. We will be hanging out some in the filk room at Capricon, and at least a couple of us will be going to Filk Ontario. Then it is on to Demicon, Duckon, and now that we have talked about it as a band, Archon is official (there was a little bit of doubt due to a possible conflict)

[ profile] exapno's party was very pleasant, but we seem to have missed out on the music ... why was that Xap ??? There was some music, much conversation, much telling of stories and much fun. The Xaplings had no idea I was going to be there, so X1 did much yelling when he answered the door.

Sunday we had lunch with [ profile] polyfrog & [ profile] mairzydotes at Pita Inn, yeah. that's a shock I know. We then went back to Chez Dork to get my laptop and the Squirrel's CD player and headed back to Iowa.

It was a marvelous weekend.
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The concert went great. A wonderful audience (thanks folks)

The hour after with [ profile] filkertom after was as deadly as I expected it to be (and that's a good thing)

I'll figger out what I played tomorrow, I followed the set list ... sort of.

The convention center is weird though. I can't tell if I am getting con crud, or just an allergic reaction to the building, or a reaction to the wildly different temperatures everywhere I go.

More tomorrow

It's nice

Sep. 29th, 2005 04:41 pm
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It was a nice drive, went cross country instead of taking the freeways. Cut about 70 miles off the trip, but took about the same amount of time. Still, it was lovely.

I'm checked in, have the car unloaded, have my badge, have the DVD player set up, the computer running.

Now I'm going to hide for the rest of the weekend.

yeah, like that will happen
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Everything is packed. I just need to load up the car and go.

It's gonna be a great weekend.
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Ok, my 5pm show on saturday conflicted with something else (Masquerade tech I think) so the only thing I am doing on my own is at 10pm thursday night.

Here is where I will be

Thu, 10:00pm GC - Mississippian (Filk) "Pink Tennies and All"
Thu, 11:00pm GC - Mississippian (Filk) Filk Mayhem Concert (w/Tom Smith)
Fri, 5:00pm GC - LaSalle (Fan/Filk) Fannish Drinking Songs & Other Silly Stuff (w/Tom Smith)
Sat, 7:00pm GC - Illini B (Filk) Let's Write A Filk Song (w/Tom Smith)
Sun, 2:00pm GC - LaSalle (Filk) Sharing The Stage (w/Tom Smith and The Great Lukeski)

as well as all the filk circles and opening and closing ceremonies and the GOH speeches.


I am so looking forward to this. Now if I can just get some sleep beforehand.
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So here is what seems to be my entire schedule for the con. I am a little disappointed that I am not on some plain old panels, since I love doing that, but only a little, since that means I can enjoy more of the con.

Eric Coleman:

Thu, 10:00pm GC - Mississippian FAN/FILK/GOH-"Pink Tennies and All" (Filk GoH)
Thu, 11:00pm GC - Mississippian FILK/GOH-Filk Mayhem Concert
Fri, 5:00pm GC - LaSalle FAN/FILK/GOH-Fannish Drinking Songs & Other Silly Stuff
Sat, 5:00pm GC - LaSalle FILK/GOH-Concert
Sat, 7:00pm GC - Illini B FILK/GOH-Let's Write A Filk Song
Sun, 2:00pm GC - LaSalle FILK/GOH-Let's Share The Stage

With the exception of Pink Tennies and all and the concert at 5 on saturday, everything is with Tom Smith, which should be a ton of fun. The sunday show is with Tom AND Lukeski. It's gonna be ugly folks. (hopefully he will be there in time for the Fannish Drinking Songs panel)

I will also be at opening and closing ceremonies as well as all the song circles for at least a few hours a night. I have to work on my calluses a lot more than I have been the last few weeks. Time for more PRACTICE !!!

I'm so excited.
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Can you tell I'm obsessing ???

5:00pm   GC - LaSalle  FILK/GOH/Concert: Eric Coleman

So ...

Sep. 15th, 2005 03:40 pm
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... part of the schedule for Archon is up.

Here is thursday night. So much for getting to bed early that first night (like I expected to anyway)

10:00pm GC - Mississippian FAN/FILK/GOH/"Pink Tennies and All" (Filk GoH): Eric Coleman
11:00pm GC - Mississippian FILK/Filk Mayhem Concert: Eric Coleman, Tom Smith

I do have a story to tell that I think Tom will enjoy a lot. I'll tell the rest of you the next day (don't want to spoil the surprise)

Here is friday

5:00pm GC - LaSalle FAN/FILK/GOH/Fannish Drinking Songs & Other Silly Stuff: Tom Smith, Eric Coleman

I can manage the silly stuff, but I don't know any fannish drinking songs. Hmmm ... wait ... there is a cover tune I have been working on this week. Never mind. I can manage one.

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