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As some of you know, Cheshire Moon has launched a new venture: a Patreon!

What’s going on here? Well, we are part of a project alongside a slew of other deeply talented artists. The project is this: 1 new original song every week for a year. 52 songs in 52 weeks. And we wanted the chance to share it with all of you!

There are 2 levels of participation, lots of other good things besides music coming down the path, and we will continue to add as we go along! Also, since we’re already underway, if you decide to join us you’ll get the first 4 songs of the year as a free thank you!

This will also be a chance for us to debut new music as it is written for other projects. And some of these songs will never be heard anywhere else! Dragon eggs to fireflies to a girl named Tempest, there’s a lot in store!

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